Jessica Anguiano

Content Marketing / Managing Editor

Location icon United States of America

I am a content manager for a cloud based software company. In between, I manage a digital and print magazine as well as freelance write where I can. Take a look!

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Customer Loyalty Through Mobile Technology

In restaurants today, building a loyal customer base is everything. With the expansion of mobile devices restaurant owners are moving towards using technology to more effectively grow their customer base. This eBook will provide an overview of how mobile technology plays a roll in establishing customer loyalty.
Digital Marketing for Restaurants

Is your marketing campaign up to date? There is always ways to update or refresh your marketing strategies. Digital Marketing offers an entirely new way to expand your reach. This eBook will provide a break down of digital marketing and how it can help your restaurant grow and establish loyal customers.

Taco Bell's Marketing Captures Millennials

Taco Bell's Marketing Captures Millennials Taco Bell has managed to successfully captivate the attention of Millennials everywhere and they continue to gain their loyalty. How has the once struggling Mexican fast food chain transformed its brand to capture possibly one of the most influential generations? For the past several years,

How Your Movement Just Made Starbucks Millions

How Your Movement Just Made Starbucks Millions Starbucks has become well known during the holidays for their seasonal beverages and of course their festive holiday cups. Every year, millions of people post their cups on social media. In fact, last year the holiday cup was posted by someone on

Talking with Sidecar Doughnuts

Talking with Sidecar Doughnuts Who can resist a sweet, fluffy, doughnut? With flavors like huckleberry and maple bacon being served up fresh every hour, Sidecar Doughnuts in Southern California, is making it hard to pass up. After seeing how quickly they developed a loyal following I had to

7 Notable Developments in the Alternative Fuel Industry

Convenience stores are seeing more demand for self-serve alternative fuel management systems. C-stores that want to remain competitive, profitable, and relevant over the next decade need to transition into fuel management system technology that provides a multi-use platform.