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Jesse Miller V

Assistant Managing Editor, Boulevard Magazine

Location icon United States of America

In eternal service of the pen, Jesse Miller is a professional writer who is committed to the craft and each and every one of the joys and quirks that come with it. Jesse prides himself on being able to utilize a strong voice that he has learned to adapt to virtually any audience or requested format through a diverse writing history that has included: website entertainment articles, how-to guides, marketing/ PR material, and magazine columns.

With a college background and early employment history in childcare and education, Jesse continues to work with children through tutoring, volunteer work, and by leading young writer's workshops. A tech enthusiast, smartphone expert, gamer, and self-described member of the Google-garchy, Jesse is fascinated with all things that go "boop".

Boulevard Magazine
The Art of Garlic - Mastery of the Clove

As an agent of flavor, garlic has to be one of the most notorious cooking ingredients out there. Used tactfully, it can give a dish that special kick it needs to make it a memorable success. Used without the utmost reverence and care, it can overpower the entire experience, leave eyes tearing, and cause a mad dash to the water pitcher.

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How Socio-Economic Backgrounds Can Challenge a Marriage

Few love stories are more retold than the tale of love that crosses class lines. Though fiction and fairy tales are all well and good, there are very real life impacts that money has on marriages of two people from very different financial backgrounds.

Wonder How To
The Wearables War

James Bond had it. The crew members of the Enterprise put it to good use. Dick Tracy might have been the first. Wearable technology has been the stuff of science fiction and spy drama for years. Consumers may have responded with exasperated sighs (or at best looks of trepidation) when Google unveiled Glass, but 007 dazzled audiences with watches that shot lasers, Captain Kirk could communicate with his team with a tap on his shirt, and who didn’t want detective Tracy’s wrist radio?

Boulevard Magazine
Bliss on a Bun

Burger Basket is little more than a shed. The eating area will make your kitchen at home feel spacious. You won’t find a website or an online menu, and Google Maps can’t even tell you the hours of operation. This is true exploration dining in its oldest form. If you haven’t been tipped by someone who’s been, or stumbled upon it accidentally, there’s simply no way you could know of its existence. But you deserve to know.

Boulevard Magazine
On the Cover: Shannon Knox - Inspiration Through Darkness

Gracing the cover of this issue of Boulevard Magazine is the riveting and pleasantly twisted art of Shannon Knox, an East Coast creative powerhouse whose flair for finding beauty through the slightly demented struck our eye, and it became abundantly clear to us that she was the perfect cover artist for our spooky fall issue.

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West Hills Smiles News Release

Dentistry can be a challenging and demanding field. Like other fields of medicine, patients expect the utmost expertise and knowledge from their dentists who must exhibit the highest levels of commitment and dedication. Unlike those same fields, the average dental patient experiences fear or anxiety when it comes time for a checkup.

Telemedicine Physician Group
Search Engine Optimized Home Page

With recent advances in online and digital video technology, online urgent care from Telemedicine Physician Group is more accessible, practical, and affordable than ever before. Telemedicine allows patients to consult doctors for a wide variety of concerns in the comfort and convenience of their own home, office, or hotel room.

Legal Defenders Blog Post

The recent crash landing of flight AC624 in Canada was yet another in a string of terrifying incidents aboard airliners during a particularly distressing time for air travel. Fortunately, all 133 passengers survived the crash, though 25 were hospitalized.


Battle of the Bacteria: The Dirtiest Places in Your Home - JustRentToOwn

Salt and Pepper Shakers are Secret Germ Dispensers Our homes are dirty, filthy places, fraught with germs and bacteria and we all know it. The best we can do against the onslaught of malevolent microorganisms on the warpath against us is to arm ourselves with disinfectant sprays and anti-bacterial wipes (and hope for the best).

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