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Jesse Meade

Strategic Communication

Location icon United States

Beginning your working life in the service industry leads to many years of drastic skill sharpening and many beneficial life lessons. The values ingrained in my personality and work ethic come long before I was coming home smelling like alfredo sauce and breadsticks.

My motivation for school was somewhat lost in the beginning. I love helping people and developing lasting relationships, but my initial choice of becoming a psychiatrist did not come to fruition. After a year of upper level psychology classes, I believed my interest in helping people was not telling them what was wrong or what needed fixed, but instead I wanted to focus on people’s interests and what drives a person to come to a final conclusion or decision.

Compassion and care goes a long way in almost every aspect of life. It is possible for people to understand one another, but not care for each other and in every aspect of my career the goal is to bridge the gap between the two by utilizing communication skills I’ve used since childhood and persuaded my mom to get more than 2 puppies. Visual design and persuasion are skills that I utilize best when understanding what makes a person unique. My upbringing, motivation, and verbal articulation provide help in meshing different viewpoints together in order to develop lasting relationships.

Brews Over Beats
Brew Over Beats Media Alert

A media alert I created for a craft beer festival showcasing Columbus breweries and Columbus hip-hop musicians