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The Odyssey Online
Should College Athletes Get Paid?

The NCAA is making billions on what some fans think to be "slave labor". While that may be extreme, it helps represent how the NCAA is using these players to turn a huge profit. So... Should college athletes be paid?

The Odyssey Online
New Year, Same Me

It's been 8 years since I was diagnosed with depression and 5 since I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety. For many people when I tell them, it comes as quite a shock. "Wow, you don't seem depressed" or "I've never seen you panic about anything" is a rather common response.

The Odyssey Online
The Browns Are Back, And I Am A Proud Fan

If you even remotely follow the NFL, you know that Cleveland has been the laughing stock of the league for close to a decade. They have not been above .500 since 2007, where they went 10-6 but still did not make the playoffs, finishing second in their division.

The Odyssey Online
Academics Is A Skillset, Not A Reflection Of Raw Intellect

Every year students go to school to learn. They learn math, science, social studies, english, and various other subjects. In elementary school, a child's knowledge is based mainly on participation and experience. However, the older they get, the less and less their learning becomes about their capabilities.

The Odyssey Online
Thankful For This Tradition

It's officially Thanksgiving break, where college students get to return home for the week to spend some much needed quality time with their family. For me, Thanksgiving is the time for me to see my father's extended family, who I only get to see ONCE a year. We meet where it all started...


The Phifth Quarter
Fixing The All-Star Weekend | The Phifth Quarter

This past weekend, many of the NBA's greatest players took to Charlotte for an action packed All-Star weekend. From the skills challenge to the all-star game, this weekend gave both players and fans a ton of entertainment. However, I have had many issues with all-star games across all professional sports for a long time.

The Phifth Quarter
Let's Grade The Sixers - November Edition | The Phifth Quarter

The first full month of regular season basketball has officially ended. The NBA world was shocked with the blockbuster Jimmy Butler trade, and he has made waves in the Eastern Conference as a result. The Sixers ended the month with a record of 12-4, leading them to 3rd in the conference at 16-8.

The Phifth Quarter
Be One with The Troll - Joel Embiid's Top Trolls | The Phifth Quarter

Joel Embiid is arguably the most entertaining player in the NBA, if not all professional sports. While he is a phenomenal player on the basketball court, Embiid loves to use his comedic side off the court, through trolling other players on various social medias. I compiled my Top 8 Embiid trolls since coming into the NBA.

The Phifth Quarter
Let's Grade The Sixers - October Edition | The Phifth Quarter

November is here, the first month of basketball has ended, and it's time to look back and grade how the Sixers have played so far. Here are my takes on how each Sixers player has performed during the month of October. (All stats provided by Joel Embiid → A GP = 8 PPG = ...