Jeremy Schwartz

Senior Content Marketing Manager, MediaPRO

Creative and passionate newspaper reporter turned marketing content creator and writer with seven years' experience telling stories that engage, inspire and convert. I love my family, birds and 1950s' sci-fi movies.


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5 Absurd Stock Images For Your Privacy Awareness Program | MediaPRO

Blog / January 22, 2020 - Jeremy Schwartz Stock photos: Unless you have a professional photographer at your disposal, we've all used them in our awareness programs. For years, stock photo sites have promoted the faceless hoodie-wearing criminal as the number-one threat to perfectly-styled business people trying to keep their personal data secure.

10 Steps to A Successful Simulated Phishing Program | MediaPRO

Blog / August 4, 2020 - Jeremy Schwartz Someday, maybe on a day just like today, your employees will get a phishing email. Email clients are getting better and better at filtering them out, but they're not perfect. Phishing is an attack vector that shows no sign of slowing down.

Measuring Awareness Training Success: 7 Metrics that Matter | MediaPRO

Blog / August 29, 2019 - Jeremy Schwartz Proving your worth is difficult. "How can we show that security and privacy awareness training is worth the money?" is a common question for those tasked with managing awareness programs. Whether you're just starting your journey toward establishing an awareness initiative or looking to upgrade an existing program, setting measurable goals for behavioral improvements is crucial.

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