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I am a writer, English professor, and dog rescue enthusiast. I have been working as a higher education professional for nearly 20 years but am returning to my writing roots and have authored textbook chapters, published personal essays along with blog articles on a variety of topics. Like nearly all writers, I also have several books in the works and experience both great joy and soul-crushing angst when writing them.

On a personal note, I live in a suburb of Chicago with my husband, two children, three dogs, and a kitten. When I'm not working, I like to spend time with my eclectic and eccentric group of family and friends because let’s face it-they provide entertainment and inspiration for my writing.


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Using Learning Technologies to Create Community in the College Classroom

Learning technologies, when properly integrated into the online, hybrid or face-to-face college classroom, may serve a multitude of purposes, including creating community. While there are a variety of learning technologies available in today's educational climate, two span both ends of the community creation spectrum, the class-specific discussion board and the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), which has the capability to draw in students by the thousands.

Technology in Schools: Discovering the Best Option for Your Institution

Technology in schools offers a plethora of options when deciding what to integrate into an institution's technological repertoire. When making these decisions, administrators and faculty alike should keep certain institutional needs in mind, including student and faculty need, organizational culture, and level of technological support.

Online University Degrees: Gaining Respectability

Online university degrees were once seen as simply an alternative for those students who perhaps could not "make it" in a more traditional college or university setting. However, in today's educational climate of choices, choices, and more choices, a more diverse student population is opting to earn their degrees in this manner.

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Practical Tips to Aid New Faculty Members | Online Teaching Guest Blog | Blog

When training and developing new faculty, words like best practices, pedagogy/andragogy, student engagement, and retention are bandied about quite a bit. While these things are important and certainly need to be addressed, I find new faculty also need to know more practical aspects of what it means to teach for any given college or university.

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Bossy, Bitchy and Aggressive Are Not Synonyms for Strong

It happened again. I was talking with a group of friends at a party, laughing and sharing stories of good times, old and new. A quick mention of an online joke someone found humorous turned the conversation to politics and I spoke my mind, as I usually do.

Making a Decision About an Online Degree

by Jen Sheridan Propp Busy schedules can get the best of us. Kids, work, and family obligations very often create full days that do not end when the sun goes down. When, then, can you make time for yourself and the things you want to do?

High School Equivalency Courses: Pathway to a Better Future

by Jen Sheridan Propp Earning a college degree can open many professional doors. From moving up the corporate ladder within your current company to entering an entirely new career field, a bachelor's degree is a must to achieve success in most fields.

Is Online College a Good Fit for You?

Busy schedules can get the best of us. Kids, work, and family obligations very often create full days that do not end when the sun goes down. When, then, can you make time for yourself and the things you want to do?

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Magnificent Mutts Animal Rescue - Hillside, IL
Harvey Dogs

The volunteers at Magnificent Mutts & Meows are once again reaching beyond local borders to help pets in need of care and comfort. Hurricane Harvey affected thousands of pets who were left homeless in its devastating aftermath and these animals now need places to call home while their human companions rebuild their houses, businesses, and lives.

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