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Jenny Susanto-Lee

Journalist, Copywriter & Digital Content Producer

Location icon Australia

Qualified, detail-oriented journalist & copywriter with over ten years of proven experience delivering concise, compelling copy.

The West Australian
Striking the balance for distance workers

We’ve heard it all before – fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) and families just don’t mix. It’s true FIFO and drive-in, drive-out (DIDO) work has a poor reputation when it comes to work-life balance and mental health. However, thanks to a skilled worker shortage in Western Australia, mining companies and the government are upping the ante.

The West Australian
Macbeth: A cautionary tale for the hustler

These days, it’s all about the hustle and grind. Go faster, buy more stuff, be the cream and rise to the top. Success is a weapon to be wielded freely, and failure is non-optional. But does all that grasping come at a price?

On Yer Bike: 3 Awesome Cycling Routes Around Subi (City of Subiaco: web content)

These days, cycling isn’t just the domain of the sports enthusiast (or the Dutch). Jumping on a bike and heading from A to B is being joyfully rediscovered by different kinds of people all over Australia and, here in Subiaco, we’re overjoyed to be part of the trend. Here are just a few of the cycling trails around Subi, no matter what kind of cyclist you are.

7 top burger trends you need to try (McDonald's: native content)

Seriously, what's not to love about a burger? There's something about that irresistible combination of juicy grilled beef, tasty cheese and fresh lettuce all cushioned between two slices of soft, sweet bun that keeps us coming back for more. These days, there's a world of choice out there when it comes to the humble burger.

Wanda's Gardening & Landscaping
Great Water Wise Tips & Tricks (blog post)

With the spring temperatures steadily on the rise, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that Perth is getting set for one of its infamous hot summers. While we get set to head for the local beaches and waterways, what does all that heat mean for our gardens?

Cloud Computing 101: Everything You Need To Know (blog post)

You may have heard the term ‘cloud computing’ bandied about, but what exactly is it? Established in the 1990s, cloud computing is the practise of using remote servers instead of your own personal server to manage, process and store data. In other words, your data is stored in the ‘cloud’, which makes it fantastic for accessing, sharing and storing digital information from a range of locations both locally and overseas. All you need is access to the Internet

Nexus Homes Group
Home Renovations and Improvements - Do's and Don'ts (blog post)

Many people fancy themselves as a bit of a handyman when it comes to fixing things up around their house or investment property. With a surplus of DIY home renovation shows on tv it can be tempting to have a go ourselves. Whether it's re-tiling the bathroom or installing a new kitchen sink it's always best to call a professional.

Nordic Fitness
The Great Health Benefits of Cross Trainers (website content)

Elliptical cross trainers are a staple of most gyms around Perth, and with all the benefits that they offer, it’s really no surprise. They provide a full-body cardio workout for every kind of body type using just one piece of equipment and, as an added bonus, they are available for hire so you can enjoy your workout in the comfort of your own home. The controls are variable, meaning you can also adjust them accordingly to alter resistance, inclines and timing.

The West Australian
The price of roaming is not free (feature article)

The world of free range can be a fickle place. Animal- loving customers yearn to embrace it, yet their definition of what constitutes "free range" is often vastly different to the stance taken by politicians, producers and supermarkets. Take eggs, for example. National free-range egg laws don't exist in Australia.

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