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I am a lifestyle editor and writer, I've contributed to many print and digital publications including body +soul,
Buro 24/7 Australia, The Sunday Times,
The Daily Telegraph, and more.
I specialise in fashion, entertainment, culture, health and social trends.
Originally from Sydney I am currently based in Perth.
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Young Australians in film: Gracie Otto

Director, writer, actor and model In our five-part series Jenny Ringland takes a look at some of the talented Aussies working in the film industry today Gracie Otto is a force unto her own.

Fashion crush: designers and their musical muses

Stylish songbirds The love affair between fashion and music is long and enduring, and right now it's never been hotter, says Jenny Ringland Designers of luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci and Saint Laurent aren't just content to rely on models as inspiration - they routinely fall in love with music's coolest frontwomen and invite them into their stylish worlds.

"I feel the best I ever have in my life"

Sally Obermeder reveals how smoothies and a sunny disposition helped her bounce back to health after cancer. By Jenny Ringland Sally Obermeder is glowing. At 41, she's never felt better about her body or her health, and it shows.


The Sunday Times Entertainment Magazine
Killing time

The Killers bring their marathon rock show to the Big Day Out, all the latest from Fringe World and Perth International Arts Festival.

The Sunday Times Magazine
Never again

Rachel Taylor on life after Matthew Newton, plus the 18 local heroes out to change the world, and Mia Freedman on her eccentric wardrobe.


The Sunday Times
Perth lights up for flashy fluoro

THEY have been ridiculed as looking like a rainbow flavoured Paddle Pop. Yet, the eye-popping neon outfits worn by Nike- sponsored tennis players at this year’s Australian Open – including many of our compatriots – are already a sensation off the court.

The Daily Telegraph
Scene-stealing glamour on George

Five models braved the cold in an exclusive photo shoot to help launch the open-to-the-public Mercedes- Benz Fashion Festival Sydney.


Best Weekend Magazine
Time to take the plunge

I CAN’T wipe the smile off my face. My legs and arms are shaking, my cheeks are flushed, I have so much excited energy I don’t know whether to scream, do star jumps, hug the closest stranger or try all three at once.

Life in the slow lane

If you take a good look around many Sydney neighbourhoods, and I mean a keen-eyed look, not a once-over as you go about your business look, you may notice a new breed of bike rider. They are not dressed in lycra, there are no toe clips and if you mentioned the words "mountain bike" you would be dismissed instantly.

The Daily Telegraph
An unbreakable spirit

JOSH Clift believes challenges are put in front of people who can overcome them. His is no minor challenge: The 28-year-old must learn to walk again. Clift’s story is extraordinary. Two serious but completely separate accidents in 2008 have left him an incomplete quadriplegic.


Florence Welch captivates Burswood

"Everyone stop,'' she announces dramatically. "The machine has broken.'' She's halfway through belting out the words to Breaking Down and to us, the audience, there is no problem. "It's quite fitting really, the machine has broken on Breaking Down. I forgot the words of Breaking Down.'' There's a quick pow-wow in the middle of the Burswood Dome stage and they're back.

Ballet at the Quarry a magical experience

THERE is something magical about Ballet at the Quarry. It's apparent upon arrival. As the sun sets and the stars appear against a backdrop of sheer rock face, reality begins to feel like a distant memory.

Chet Faker captivates fans with chilled-out musical immersion

WHOEVER said dance like nobody is watching must have been inspired by a Chet Faker concert because the intense, raw honesty he projects creates that eyes closed, hands in the air feeling. Nick Murphy - that's his real name - arrives on stage with no fanfare, diving straight into his down tempo electro sounds.

J.Lo shakes her way down memory lane

SHE may have embarked on her first world tour as therapy after her marriage break down but last night, performing in Australia for the first time, Jennifer Lopez showed fans at Perth Arena - she's still got it.


Imagine Galleria

Inspirational autumn magazine for Galleria shopping centre.

Imagine Galleria

Inspirational summer magazine for Galleria shopping centre.

Inside Mandurah
Summer lovin'

Inspirational summer magazine for Mandurah Forum shopping centre


The 5 hottest beach destinations you've never heard of

Off the beaten track Forget Mexico and the Philippines, Jenny Ringland shows you the REAL undiscovered coastal treasures. José Ignacio, Uruguay Imagine a bohemian fishing village with narrow dirt roads, hand-painted signs and a few chic beach-shack bars. Then add architecturally designed houses made from recycled timber with Porches and Ferraris parked out the front.

Best Weekend Magazine
Catherine Hill Bay

JUST 100km from Sydney is a tiny beachside town blessed with natural beauty. There are no shops at Catherine Hill Bay, just a heritage-listed pub, bowling club, surf club and streets of weatherboard miners’ cottages, each with a veranda out the front.

Best Weekend Magazine
Kangaroo Valley

FOR some reason any place name that includes the word valley immediately conjures romantic images of untouched rainforests, cascading waterfalls, beautiful walking tracks and rolling hills. So when we head out of Sydney on the M5 bound for a weekend in Kangaroo Valley, which is located two hours south of Sydney in the Southern Highlands, expectations are high.


Home Magazine
Say hello to the new bathroom

Rethink your space. Hotel-inspired designs, merged ensuites and organic forms are among the new bathroom must-haves.

Home Magazine
From gunpowder hold

From the outside it is all glass, steel panels and timber. Located on the water at the end of a steep street in Balmain, this one-bedroom house-cum-penthouse apartment has an innate connection with its harbourside environment that is only apparent from the inside.

Home Magazine
All decked out

Sometimes simple is best and as far as beach houses go, the owners of this Northern Beaches bungalow have hit the jackpot.


Young Australians in film: Millie Rose Heywood

Director, actor and writer In our five-part series, Jenny Ringland takes a look at some of the talented Aussies working in the film industry today A memorable line in Sofia Coppola's film Lost in Translation could have been crafted with Millie Rose Heywood in mind: "The unexpected connections we make might not last, yet stay with us forever.'' Its message certainly rings true for the Sydney-based actor/director/writer who lists Coppola as one of her most admired filmmakers.

Young Australians in film: Grant Scicluna

Writer/director In our five-part series, Jenny Ringland takes a look at some of the talented Aussies working in the film industry today Since the age of 12, all Grant Scicluna has cared about is writing and creating films. The Melbourne-born writer/director remembers seeing big-budget films like Jurassic Park and immediately going home to write "blatant rip-offs''.

Dance spectacular G hits the spot

For the first time in 17 years, Australian Dance Theatre has brought 11 Adelaide-based dancers to Perth for the thrilling contemporary spectacle of G, where dancers leap, roll, and gyrate themselves into a frenzy. Geoff Cobham's lighting design sets the scene. Dancers begin walking in unison across the stage which is cloaked in a blanket of digital green.

Trying to balance work and life

IT IS a notion born of the technological revolution that is fast becoming one of the most important benefits to Australian workers. Very few, however, claim to have it. Maintaining a satisfactory work/ life balance is more difficult than ever, with exclusive research, commissioned by CareerOne, finding 81 per cent of Australian workers believe it is becoming harder.

The Daily Telegraph
Learning the life of a little princess

Spray tans, manicures, pedicures and facials are just a few of the indulgent birthday treatments being enjoyed by girls as young as four and five.

The Daily Telegraph
Mobile generation

THEY are the workers who refuse to be pigeonholed, dismiss the work ethic of older generations, yet think nothing of working seven days a week. Gen Y is the mobile generation – they are always considering their options yet cannot fathom having the same career for their entire working life.

The Sunday Times Magazine
Who's that guy?

LA's new wanted man Justin Theroux, Jen Hawkins for sass + bide, plus the real life of a war reporter.

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