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After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Literature, I then entered the world of publishing, both books and magazines. I have many years of experience in writing, design, production and advertising. I am most interested in writing about philosophical issues, but also enjoy politics, lifestyle and entertainment.

I currently write for various sites and am looking to expand my portfolio. I am creative, original and meet deadlines. I also write fiction, screenplays and read film scripts in my spare time.

My Twitter account is @jennymasonrocks

Houzz Australia
How To Achieve Harmony At Home

Achieving a harmonious home is an art. In this Houzz article Jenny explores simple things you can do to make your house a happy one.

All Women's Talk
5 Ways to Survive 💪 PMT without 🚫 Killing Anyone 😱 ...

PMS or PMT (Pre-Menstrual Tension) as it's being referred to nowadays, is seriously something I think all girls can relate to and that's why you need ways to survive PMT. That horrible time right before your period where you can't decide if you're going to cry, scream, or hide is tough for all girls.

Off The Main Page
Putin Proposes Absolute Smoking Ban (VIDEO)

We all know smoking tobacco is not good for you, but Russian leader and health nut Vladimir Putin has decided he does not want anyone in his country to do it. He has put forward a plan to enforce a ban on anyone born after 2015 from smoking.
Retro TV: Moonlighting -

By Jenny Mason Running from 1985-1989, Moonlighting was a fantastic part of the 80s. Starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis, Moonlighting was a ground breaking show of the time. Bruce Willis had more hair and so much charisma, as he played David Addison, Private Investigator.

Religious Morality Lacks Integrity

Religions tend to make black and white laws about moral issues that really exist in shades of grey: matters of marriage, divorce, sexuality, abortion, contraception, euthanasia, IVF, stem cell research. It constantly amazes me that in the Catholic Church, "celibate" priests and nuns offer authoritative advice on these sexual matters, of which they are supposed to have no practical experience.

Best/ Travel Tip: Cairns like a local for a weekend

After living in Cairns for a few years, I soon discovered the difference between what tourists do there and how the locals live. It is a really laid back town, filled with magical places to swim, interesting people, festivals and events, and really encourages you to take a breath and appreciate what's around you.

Heart in the toilet
Advice for the heartbroken

Unless you are very new to love and relationships, most people have had a relationship that didn't work out. When I look back at all my relationships whether it was me who did the dumping or even if...

Tutors Field
Don't Be Afraid of Shakespeare! - Tutors Field

Posted by Jenny Mason on 1/2/2016 Don't be afraid of Shakespeare! Advice on tackling the Bard Many students fear the man known as William Shakespeare and this is totally understandable. Firstly he writes in ye olde English, which can feel like a foreign language. There are many ways to overcome this.

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