Jennifer Marsh

Software engineer, cybersecurity enthusiast, and technical writer

United States

With a background in cybersecurity and engineering, I provide content that positively impacts client search visibility and sales. My content increases organic traffic, user engagement and revenue for enterprise businesses including Microsoft, Adobe, Rackspace, CloudLinux, SolarWinds and IBM. I "speak" to CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, software engineers, and other technical people using my experience in the field, and I have the ability to engage executives with the buying power to purchase your products.

I've helped numerous cybersecurity companies, software engineers, B2B businesses, SaaS developers, API developers, and other technical organizations improve their search engine rank and generate revenue. Client analytics show that my content drives traffic and customers to client products, and they see an increase in revenue directly from my content.

I can work with your SEO research or work with my own. I have a SEMRush account to perform keyword research and generate ideas for your site. I keep my workflow flexible for my customers so that they can focus on marketing their products and let me handle the content.

A few target industries where I've helped clients the most:

- Cybersecurity. I explain to developers how to write code that isn't vulnerable to common exploits or generate search engine traffic by reporting on the latest zero-day.
- API providers. I write code and content to explain to developers how your API can help increase revenue.
- SaaS. My content explains to buyers how your SaaS application improves productivity, saves them money, and helps your customers build better products.
- B2B. I explain how your products help businesses in technical documentation or blog content.

I write content for:

- Industry blog posts
- Whitepapers
- Technical documentation, mainly for API endpoints and SaaS
- Copywriting and website content

Topics I cover:

- SaaS
- Cybersecurity
- Network engineering, network security
- Information security, infrastructure security
- Email security
- Software engineering, software development, programming
- NIST framework
- Compliance including HIPAA and PCI

Languages I work with:

- .NET (C# and VB.NET)
- Python
- JavaScript
- PowerShell



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Passwords are the cornerstone of your IT security, and RPass ensures that your data is secured by our enterprise-grade cryptography and technology standards.

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