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Jennifer Whigham

Content Writer & Strategist

Location icon United States

Experienced digital content writer, editor, and strategist.

The World Now Does Business in Real Time: TextUs Expands into Europe

The need for business-class text messaging™ is spanning the globe. No matter where your business is, your customers expect on-demand communication. They want to reach you on their terms, not on yours. That's why we're super excited to announce our expansion into Europe, where we'll bring real-time communication to clients and customers looking to shift their business into the speed of Now.

How to Send Conversational SMS Campaigns Without Sounding Like a Mass Marketer

Business texting, like any business communication, is a dance between selling and information, between friendliness and respect, between brevity and thoroughness. In this dance, the difference between you and a mass marketer is how much attention you pay to your partner. A mass marketer isn't concerned with a personal connection or a tailored approach.

5 Actionable Real-Time Communication Tips To Help You Close Faster

Closing is all about timing. You need to be ready when your prospect is ready. There's a whole rainbow of readiness out there, too - you're either chasing down an elusive prospect to get an answer or a ready-to-close prospect is popping up unexpectedly in your inbox.