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I'm a freelance writer and photographer currently contributing to the Geraldton Guardian and The Midwest Times on a regular basis. I've also been published in The West Australian, Good Health, Green Lifestyle, Bide, Ocean Drive Magazine, Australian Family Magazine, The Hoopla, Essential Kids, Essential Baby, Web Child,, and my own blog. I enjoy writing about health and wellness; travel, food, parenting and human interest.

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Kids' development Win some, lose someA A A 'Pick your battles' is a common, even cliched saying that all parents have heard before, but it is easy to forget this age-old advice when your child's room is a mess or he wants to wear a superman costume to your parents' wedding anniversary party.

How to raise a confident child

Kids Development Building confidence through conversation. Photo: Getty As a child, I was extremely shy; painfully shy. It was difficult for me to be around others and being a great conversationalist was never on my 'strive to achieve' list.

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The other day, I was at a community event when an older lady approached me. We had met briefly before at another function. I remembered her so it wasn't an uneasy or awkward meeting; until she whispered to me that I had a small red mark on my back, a suspicious looking thing.

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The first week of school: pressures, tears and celebrations

Family Home Photo: Getty Images For many, January means going back to school. But for many other families, it's about starting school for the first time and preparing for day one. It's an exciting time in a child's life, but it can also be a stressful and challenging time for the whole family.

Having a 'bonus baby'

Nutrition & Wellbeing They're sometimes referred to as 'the bonus baby' - the baby that arrives well after you thought you would never have another child. Sometimes they're well thought out, and sometimes they're not. When Peace Mitchell found herself pregnant with her fourth child at age 40, she was shocked.

What exactly is the truth about Santa?

When is the right time to tell your child about Santa? Photo: Getty Images When I was eight, a friend crushed me with the news that Santa was not real and I resented my family for lying to me. My friends called me a baby for still believing and it made me feel foolish and alone.

Primary Preparation: Getting ready for big school

Starting School Help your child get excited, not anxious about big school. Photo: Getty Images Families all over the country are preparing for February when their five-year-old babies will reach another important milestone: starting school. Angela Denly's firstborn is approaching that milestone.