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A multilingual & cross-media journalist covering Asia

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With a love of people, culture and adventure, Hong Kong-based journalist Jennifer Lo can be found trotting Asia for interesting assignments, producing multimedia packages and writing everything from property markets to the business of banned books and human rights issues.

She is now a correspondent at Nikkei Asian Review and has reported from Kazakhstan, the annual sessions of NPC/ CPPCC in Beijing, APEC and ASEAN summits. She also wrote for China Daily, South China Morning Post, CNN, HK Magazine, Ming Pao, etc. She has a bachelor of journalism (majoring in English Studies) and a master of laws degree from University of Hong Kong. She speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.

If you have any feedback about this site, or just want to say hi, you can email at jenniferlo.squarefoot (at) gmail (dot) com.


Hong Kong Coverage

China Daily Asia Weekly
Migrants find success back home

A rising number of domestic helpers are learning entrepreneurship as an alternative route to employment

South China Morning Post
A-level success for girl killed in fire

Published after a deadly blaze at a subdivided apartment building in HK, this exclusive story captures the dilemma of a surviving father.

Square Foot Magazine
Half-year Property Market Review

Halfway through 2014, we ask the same question again: Where does the property market stand? Recently, all eyes have been on the city's biggest corruption case ever.

Square Foot Magazine
Structural Distress

Few would forget the brouhaha over the 2,000-square feet “underground palace” illegally built by HK's former chief secretary Henry Tang.

Asia coverage

Nikkei Asian Review
France's L'Occitane expands its ambitions in Asia

The tranquil towns of Provence in the south of France, depicted in Vincent Van Gogh's paintings surrounded by almond blossoms, might seem a far cry from the hustle and bustle of Asian capitals, with their digital-savvy residents.

China Daily Asia Weekly
New Horizons

A 3,000-word package on how energy-rich Kazakhstan, the gateway to Central Asia, is taking steps to welcome businesses and tourists.

China Daily Asia Weekly
What's the score?

If you want a detailed report card on the progress of the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), this report shows that it’s not easy to find.

China Daily Asia Weekly
Grain expectations

This cover package looks into the most important staple in Asia - rice, examining the impact of self-sufficiency policy on Asia's rice trade, resolving the puzzle of China's ever-rising rice imports and providing a mid-term review of Thailand's controversial rice pledging scheme.

China Daily Asia Weekly
Building blocks for integration

Different trade pact proposals including TPP may come together in the China-backed FTA of the Asia-Pacific

China Coverage

China Daily Asia Weekly
Leading the innovative trend

China sets sustainable development norm with plans to turn 90 urban areas in “smart cities”

China Daily Asia Weekly
Of mouse and the middle man

"Hai tao" is the new buzz word: Growing Chinese wallet and desire for foreign goods help online shopping agents to survive.

China Daily Asia Weekly
No place for faint-hearted

State curbs on Chinese property market to remain but lesser cities will offer long-term returns

Young Post | South China Morning Post
His Green Eyes

A young conservationist is spearheading a fight to protect the environment on the mainland

China Daily Asia Weekly
A grave issue

China is running out of burial space as relatives refuse to accept other options for loved ones

China Daily Asia Weekly
Puzzle of China’s rice imports

Why does the world’s largest producer need to buy the staple grain from its paddy-growing neighbours?

Multimedia Reporting

China Daily Asia
From macho to metro

A multimedia story on how a new generation of Asian young men are defying cultural stigma to turn their eyes to makeup and cosmetic surgeries. Shot with Canon EOS 600D.

China Daily Asia
Business of dying

With personalized ceremonies in vogue, the funeral industry has become a money-spinner. In this multimedia story, check out coffins with designs of Chinese dim sum and effigies of miniature ice-cream carts. Shot with Canon EOS 600D.

China Daily Asia
Released from captivity into care

Thailand's booming elephant tourism industry has left many animals overworked and abused from years of performing at camps and circuses.
Photography portfolio

Including my latest photography on Hong Kong's umbrella revolution, faces of Kazakhstan, etc.

China Daily Asia
Green, green grass of nature

It's not unusual you see those keep off the grass signs in urban parks in Hong Kong. Contrary to popular perception, a group of young people believe Hong Kong has more to offer than pollution and traffic.


China Daily Asia Weekly
The Mushroom Boom

Fungi offer answer to world problems like pollution and food shortage, besides providing business opportunities

South China Morning Post - Young Post
Where eagles nest

This story told a lesser known environmental fact: Hong Kong has the world's highest density of black kites that feed on our rubbish and how the creatures have survived the concrete jungle.

China Daily Asia Weekly
Greening the globe

This package investigates how far some polluting Asian cities are stepping measures to achieve environmental sustainability in building design and town planning.


China Daily Asia Weekly
The ancient art of staying dry

A village in Thailand keeps alive a 200-year-old craft of making paper umbrellas from natural materials

China Daily Asia Weekly
Man bows to woman

Kyung-Sook Shin winning Asia's top literary award shows women writers are breaking the glass ceiling despite social handicaps

PROFILE writing

China Daily Asia Weekly
Kaushik Basu: Game Changer

If you want the shortest introduction to game theory, World Bank Chief Economist Kaushik Basu has the answer — in parable.

China Daily Asia Weekly
Le Luong Minh: Bloc Builder

An exclusive interview with Le Luong Minh, the ASEAN secretary-general who makes plans to take the group to new heights by forging closer ties in the region and beyond.

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