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Jennifer Szweda Jordan

Journalist/Editor, Radio and Print

Location icon Pittsburgh South

Report for outlets including NPR and affiliates. Professional goals: increase scope and depth of editing, writing and interviewing on audio platforms. Professional Memberships: Society of Environmental Journalists, Press Club of Western Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Women's Press Association, Omicron Delta Kappa Leadership Honor Society. Personal Affiliations: Associate Member, Sisters of the Humility of Mary. Awards: Christopher Newport University Outstanding Alumna. Several Golden Quills from Press Club of Western Pennsylvania.


Audio and Written Content

National Catholic Reporter, and The Environment Report
Nature Needs a Lawyer

Dominican Sister Pat Siemen directs the Center for Earth Jurisprudence. This audio report is about her work.

Catholic Journeys Blog
Catholic Journeys

There are so many excuses precluding quiet time with God.It's hard for me to unchain myself from my office desk, to get away from my mobile phone and my laptop and to just "let God do the work," as my spiritual director said the other day.On Sundays, I try -- almost never doing paid work, but frequently staying busy.In an effort to extend this, for the third year in a row, I've gone on a weeklong retreat.

National and Hyperlocal News Coverage

NPR: PA Company Helped Miners

When The Chilean miners were rescued, it turned the spotlight onto a small Pennsylvania company that made the lifesaving drilling equipment.

South Pittsburgh Reporter
Chief McLay on #EndWhiteSilence Pic

Pittsburgh Police Chief Cameron McLay says he regrets not communicating better to his staff after he was photographed with a sign stating, “I Resolve to Challenge Racism at Work: #EndWhiteSilence.” The photo went viral on the Internet and drew the ire of the police union president, who said it gave the impression that Mr. McLay thinks his officers are racist. Yet, Chief McLay says, “Do I regret having taken that picture? You know, I do not...We exist to speak out for injustice.”


The Allegheny Front
Commentary: Manure Calendar Too Dirty?

I spotted the calendar featuring scantily clad ladies on a bachelor friend's kitchen wall. I was troubled by his support of the objectification of women. But the dude excitedly pointed out that this was no ordinary girlie centerfold-that it was created to promote composting of human waste-and featured what were called "ladies of manure."

The Allegheny Front
A Less Toxic Fight When Bed Bugs Bite

You are about to read something that will make your skin itch. Consider yourself warned. I have bed bugs. How does this fit into The Allegheny Front? Well, when your foot is covered with welts so itchy that you crave amputation, you, too, might consider giving the stink eye to old Rachel Carson and searching for DDT on the black market.


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