Jennifer Johnston

Manager, Communications

Location icon United States

Communications manager with experience generating, coordinating and disseminating all aspects of communication including but not limited to: brand messaging, press releases, social media campaigns, print and online marketing and event management. Recognized as a collaborative team member and proactive leader with a keen ability to effectively implement strategies that enhance, expose and improve corporate brand recognition to achieve targeted business goals and objectives.

Employee groups help City foster diversity and ethical standards - Dallas City

Ethics refers to standards of right and wrong that prescribe what people ought to do, usually in terms of duties, principles, specific virtues, or benefits to society. The Office of Ethics and Diversity's exists to ensure the public trust by promoting a culture of ethics and sensitivity within the City of Dallas.

KPN Advisors
KPN Announces Its New Brand Identity

DALLAS- September 4, 2018 - KPN Health is pleased to announce its rebranding from KPN Health to KPN and its new logo and website. KPN's new logo is designed to emphasize to ACOs, Healthcare Associations, Hospitals and Provider Networks, KPN's Knowledge.Performance.Now. focus. Through its advisory services, KPN

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