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Jennifer Hauder

Freelance Medical Writer/Clinical Pharmacist

Location icon United States

Jennifer Hauder is an experienced freelance medical writer and clinical pharmacist who enjoys sharing her medical knowledge with the audiences she writes for. With over 20 years as a clinical pharmacist in the specialty pharmacy, PBM, mail order and retail sectors, her knowledge and experience in the pharmacy profession allow her to draw upon a wealth of experience. Clients she has served include a revenue cycle management company, independent pharmacies, a pharmacy content website, and a testing prep company for pharmacy technicians.

Solutions to Medication Non-adherence

In part 1 of this series, we discussed what medication non-adherence is and the costs to both patients and the healthcare system.In part 2, we will discuss possible solutions to medication non-adherence.Being that medication non-adherence is a complex problem, lasting solutions are multi-faceted.Not all solutions work for everyone.

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