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As Mommy of Many®, Jen Lang broke into the world of podcasting and blogging in 2007. After finding success with her own show and blog, she began writing for traditional and online publications. In 2011 she began working in digital and social media marketing, blogging and writing content for clients, as well as managing accounts. She joined the team at Tytanium Ideas Inc. in 2013, writing for and managing client accounts. She spent three and a half years as the Sales Coordinator and Client Experience manager, educating individuals and businesses to the ever-changing world of social media and digital marketing as an essential piece of their business plan. Relationship building through client and team events became her focus while still keeping her writing skills sharp through blogging and content creation for Tytanium Ideas Inc. and various client pages.

Jen became involved in the local, professional community through networking events, speaking opportunities and by joining the 2015/2016 Leadership Rocklin class. She graduated in May of 2016 with 20 other business professionals. After graduation, she held a seat on the Steering Committee for Leadership Rocklin for two years. Additionally, she was a member of Assemblyman Kevin Kiley's, Women's Advisory Council for 2017.

Most recently, Jen served as Marketing Operations Manager at Ave Maria University, where she led a team of 13 through the creation and implementation of successful campaigns, daily social platform content, and bi-annual magazine issues, in addition to overseeing design projects, branding collateral, and website upkeep.


Presentations and Events

Jen Lang

Ave For Life Talk at their annual fundraising dinner - A little piece of my story

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Jen Lang

The 9th annual Genuine Feminine Conference - Speaking as a panelist on the topic of Femininity in the Work Place

Jen Lang

I had the privilege of speaking at the Sierra Pregnancy & Health #lovealwayswins17 walk. Not only did I get to share my own story of journeying from being a pregnant 16 yr old to becoming Mommy of Many®, but I got to share how Sierra has touched my family's life with their beautiful services, giving strength, hope, support and knowledge to my daughter through her pregnancy and beyond. And even guiding me to a place of healing from my own past.

AMU Magazine Fall 2018

Ave Maria University, Fall 2018 Edition Featuring our new building, nursing program upgrades, and highlights of our student-athletes. This was the second edition I worked on as Managing Editor

AMU Magazine Spring 2018

Ave Maria University Magazine - Spring 2018 Edition This issue was my first as Managing Editor

For Speakers and Class
Leadership Rocklin, Session 2 - Agenda

As a member of the Steering Committee, Jen was responsible to work with another committee member to create the agenda for the October 2016 class which is focused on Arts and Media in the Rocklin, CA area. The goal of the class is to highlight the wealth of opportunities for local artists in the Rocklin and Placer County area. Tours have been scheduled and speakers and performers have been booked to fill the day.

Given in Person
Slide Presentation for the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce

Jen was invited to give a presentation of Tytanium Ideas, Inc. to the Sunrise with the Chamber, a group that gathers 3 times each month to network. This short presentation was an overview of the services that Tytanium Ideas provides to their clients.

Eparchy of Phoenix
Using Social Media to Evangelize in the Digital Age

Jen was invited to speak at the annual Clergy Conference for the Eparchy of Phoenix. The Director of Education invited her to speak to the clergy and religious on the importance of using digital media and social media platforms for evangelization.

Blog Samples

Jen's FUEL: For the Good of All of Me

Tytanium FUEL offers each team member a day to do anything they want, as long as it refuels them. After celebrating her 3rd anniversary at Tytanium, Jen decided to celebrate her FUEL with her family, here is her story! In the wee hours of the morning, with the moon illuminating my journey, I headed out to Redwood Valley.

Leadership takes a Touch of Understanding

As a member of this year's Leadership Rocklin class, through the Rocklin Chamber of Commerce , I sat among the other students who were part of Leardership throughout Placer County. This month we were gathered at Sutter Roseville Medical Center to learn more about Health and Human Services within the County.

Google Partners-Learn to Use the Tools that can Help you Grow your Business

Social Media; these words can be anxiety inducing for business owners. Most business owners know that having an online presence is important. But beyond the need to have a website built and a Business Facebook page created, heads are spinning with the sheer amount of information, of platforms, and ways in which it all needs to be strategically used.

Step-by-step guide to adding an admin to your Facebook Business page

Your Facebook business page is starting to get some attention and it's time to add an admin or two who can help with posting updates, answer the questions and comments being posted and actively engage with your fans. Whether you're adding a friend or family member or adding your professional marketing and ad agency, the steps will be the same.

InterLangua Job Shadow 2015

For the second year in-a-row, we partnered with the InterLangua Job Shadow program. This year we opened our doors to welcome 2 students, one a 15 year old and the other, a 16 year old. They were both interested in marketing, graphics and the world of social media, which they'd never been a part of before.

Tytanium Ideas and Interlangua-A Great Experience!

Last summer we were honored to host a student through a job-share program called InterLangua. What is Interlaguna? This program places students from China and Central America with host families and host employers to help introduce the students to a broad range of American experiences.

New Year. New You. New Website? Put Your Website to the Test

The New Year is here and we're all focused on new beginnings, improvements and goals. You've probably gotten all of your personal goals laid out, but what about your business goals? Planning out your digital strategy and taking a thorough look at your digital presence are key in today's business world.

Website Terms to Know Before Your Site is Built

You've come to the realization that it's time to build a new website, or have one built, as the case may be. Knowing some key, website terminology will be helpful when you're looking for the right company and the right developer to build your site.

Social Media Marketing World 2014: Tytanium Takeaways

Two weeks ago I was called into my boss' office at noon, and asked if I could make room in my schedule to attend SMMW14 in San Diego. My heart skipped a beat for 2 reasons: first, he used the words "San Diego," and secondly, this meant getting to connect with lots and lots of people who are passionate about marketing, speaking, connecting and engaging.

Letting Go of "Normal"

Normal-it's what we all strive for. It's what we're "supposed" to be. It's all the people around us-or so we perceive. Normal is what my kids said today's lunches were, because I included cheese puffs (never mind that they were wheat free, gluten free, contain no corn syrup or msg) and trail mix.

#begoodtoyou Writings

The Treasures of Your Heart Envelope

When life is serving up plenty of sweet treasures take a moment to breathe them in and gently revel in what they bring, then place them carefully into your heart envelope to revisit when the days lack the pieces that make you feel peaceful, loved and joyful.

Let Go of Expectations

I love the early morning. I love to greet the day in quiet and peace. I love to do the dishes in this time because it's a mindless task that allows my thoughts and heart to wander. All my thoughts and gypsy-hearted dreaminess is free to venture off to any place, time, person or feeling it wishes.

A Reminder for Those Called to Journey

When God calls you in a direction you must trust that you should go, even if it doesn't make sense to your head. If He put the yearning in your heart, then you must trust that you have to take the journey. He will show you each step.

Count to 5

Life sometimes feels overwhelming and we question our worth. But chances are it's just a rough day or a rough string of days. Breathe deeply. Sit still and force yourself to find those 5 positives. You'll feel better and the sun will peek through the cloudiness of what's got you feeling low.

A Brand New Day!

Every morning that we wake up is a new slate. It's the chance to check things off our mental notepad. It's the chance to do it all better. It's the chance to smile. It's the chance to find the good. It's the chance to choose joy.

Don't Run Away From It - Use It

Pain, discomfort, unpleasant feelings, these are things we don't want in our lives. We spend a lot of time trying to stay away from them and at times spend too much energy focusing on them. But they're going to come, because life is a balance of joyful moments and painful moments.

One Step At a Time

I was reflecting on where I am today compared to where I was 5 years ago. As I thought back to all the uncertainty and the seemingly incredible amount of work that needed to be done, I settled in with the feeling of pride I have for myself and my journey.

A Beautiful Truth

Everything that's meant for you in this life will find it's way to you. Sure, you might miss each other at a particular point in life when roads cross in what seems to be the wrong places or when paths run parallel.

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