Jenelle Parrish


United States

I'm a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, NY. I've been professionally writing for 10 years, with content ranging from personal essays, features, and interviews. I am a storyteller here to amplify and share the stories of Black people, specifically Black women. I am available for commission.

Dying to live.

I'm mourning a death. One, I've been mourning slowly for a few years now. I think I've reached the finale stage of what has felt like a drawn-out theatre play which is the acceptance part. The moment...

I just came for the fried turkey

The holiday season is officially here, which means as a single woman preparing to answer the daunting questions regarding my dating status and whether I'm ready to be a parent awaits me. Ah, yes, the...

Finding Love in My Features - CRWNMAG

Breaking the cycle of inherited self-hatred. Written by: Jenelle Parrish "Pinch your nose every morning when you wake up, and it'll get smaller." My great-aunt would tell me this every time I visited. I would stand there and reply, "yes ma'am," but my five-year-old self wa

Superchamp Books
Dating & Sex: The Theory of Mutual Self-Destruction - Superchamp Books

The doctrine of mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a fitting analogy and guide for dating and sex and the types of bonds that we form from these interpersonal relationships. Why some couples stay together (or why some bonds last) and why others ultimately split up (and why some bonds crash), often speaks to self-preservation.

The GOODS Magazine - Winter 2014

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The Femme Oasis
Getting Ahead of Debt

Many people in their late 20s have had their share of financial stress and credit issues. This is an informative "guide" that'll help you begin repairing your credit score based on my own experiences and provide tips to those in their early 20s about maintaining and improving your credit a