Jenelle Parrish


United States

I'm a freelance writer based in Brooklyn, NY. I've been professionally writing for 10 years, with content ranging from personal essays, features, and interviews. I am a storyteller here to amplify and share the stories of Black people, specifically Black women. I am available for commission.

Finding Love in My Features - CRWNMAG

Breaking the cycle of inherited self-hatred. Written by: Jenelle Parrish "Pinch your nose every morning when you wake up, and it'll get smaller." My great-aunt would tell me this every time I visited. I would stand there and reply, "yes ma'am," but my five-year-old self wa

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The more you know and learn is always a beneficial thing and for someone that didn't finish college, I've experienced the setbacks that have come with choosing that decision, especially in this capitalist society. Although I'm aware that a college degree does not determine a persons' success, I feel it's important to always to continue learning in any way possible.

These 4 Trends Will You Have You Ready for Fine Girl Fall - Melanation

Welp hot girls and non-binary hotties, summer is officially over. Depending on where you're reading this from it may not feel like it is, but according to science, it's finito. I think we should all thank Megan Thee Stallion for contributing to our hot girl summer, providing the bops and carefree fun vibe that we deserved to experience.

Fight or Flight - Melanation

I grew up in a family and household that was very open and honest, with parents that were blunt in their directness. You always knew where you stood with them and where they stood on all matter of issues.

Colorism Still Exists and I'm Over It - Melanation

We've been having these conversations about colorism for too long, too many times, and quite frankly, I'm tired. So, I would like to take this time to shame anyone who uses bleaching and lightening products to change the appearance of their natural skin tone.