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How to recover if your identity’s stolen

You're turned down for a loan mysteriously. You rip open the credit card bill and find a lot of charges you never made, or even heard of. You file your tax return and find that somebody already has filed using your Social Security number. Congratulations: Your financial identity has probably been ripped off.

A guide to picking your kid's first bank account

Your child is going to deal with a lot of money institutions in his or her life. The right bank should be one of the first, teaching initial and lifelong lessons about saving, spending and planning for the future that will impact your own financial planning.

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Job Fair

My autistic son Alex turns 18 this month. My god, 18. Our parents and grandparents fought the Axis at 18. Ned will be 18 in 30 months. I have an inch-thick stack of guardianship papers to wade through for Alex.
5 Old-School, Low-Tech Budgeting Strategies That Work

Saving money often comes down to not overspending, and not overspending often comes down to keeping good records and knowing exactly where your money goes. That's where nothing beats simple sorting and the will to stick to a spending regimen.

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Number 9

My 14-year-old son Ned plays high school football. "You have to go to Ned's games," somebody tells Jill, "so if he gets hurt you'll know who to blame." "Oh," Jill says, "I'll know who to blame." Most fall Sundays for about the past four seasons, Ned and I have hit a Manhattan bar that shows every Redskins game.

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Tax Fraud Blotter: You're in Good Handcuffs

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Model Behavior

Introductory brochures to Alex's residential school -I lost them months ago - told of the lifestyle advantages of having your autistic teen in a school you can count on. "Many parents find some relief and rest," I think the brochure read, "and re-discover interests in their new free time.

How much cash to keep on hand in a market roller coaster

You know you need to invest some of your income in stocks, bonds and funds of both, and you do. Yet can you feel safe when Wall Street yo-yos a couple hundred points a day? How much cash do you need at the ready?

How to spot a tax scam

The caller says he's from the IRS and that you owe taxes - pay up or cops will be at your door in a few minutes. Or an email from the IRS pops up asking for your Social Security number or bank account information to clear up just a tiny confusion about your return from a past year.

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The Buck Stops

A dollar store is closing in a little Catskills town near Alex's residential school. We've been going to this store since before Alex started at his school 18 months ago. It's the kind of store where everything you buy seems to work better and last longer than it should.

How to prepare for next year's taxes

Preparing for next year's Tax Day may sound like talking about Christmas on Martin Luther King Day. But, in the words of a certain government agency that should know -- the IRS -- "if you start your tax planning now, you may avoid a surprise when you file next year."

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