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Jeffrey Boadi

Communications Professional

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Highly-motivated, forward-thinking communications professional with extensive experience in content creation for online brands and digital publications in the automotive, health and wellness, and art sectors.

This is Money
The World's Five Craziest Bridges That Motorists Can Drive Across (Press Release)

ClickMechanic has researched bridges around the world and identified these are the maddest on the planet. One is the longest bridge in existence that measures in at 34 miles - and the world's highest is in the list too. Another of the structures looks like a Hot Wheels ramp, while another has a petrifying incline for drivers.

House Of African Art Launch: Self-Validation

We are now exactly two weeks away from the inaugural exhibition of the House of African Art! We hope that you are excited to witness our first major step in championing the work of artists originating from the African continent. As you may know, the theme of the exhibition is: The Next Wave: The Power of Authenticity and Self-Validation.

House Of African Art Launch: The Power Of Authenticity

The second element of the theme is “The Power of Authenticity.” To be authentic is to be the truest version of one’s self. Only once that status is attained can one truly express and create to the best of their abilities. HAART aims to encourage artists to express their true, authentic selves through their work and resist any need – whether actual or perceived - for their artwork to fit into a particular narrative.

House Of African Art Launch: The Next Wave

Welcome to the House of African Art (HAART)! The launch of HAART is fast approaching, with just less than two months left to go! We thought that we'd give you an update on the final line-up of artists, the theme, and an explanation of what the exhibition aims to achieve.

Yes I Am African. No I Do Not Eat Meat

Now that the title has your attention, this isn't a piece to bash my fellow Africans. I love you all. I always find that I am greeted with an element of surprise from people who have just met me when...

3 Podcasts That Will Inspire Your Quest for Personal Growth

Rich Roll is an individual whose story will no doubt stir inspiration within you - and if it doesn't, I don't know what will. His journey from overweight lawyer on the precipice of a heart attack, to recognised world-class ultra-athlete, author, and staunch advocate of the plant-based health movement is living proof of the power of change and development in one's life.

Why We Should Debunk Masculinity Once and For All

Be a 'man'. 'Man' up. If you're a 'man', you would do X Y and Z. I'm sure I can speak for most, if not all men in that we've heard these statements at some point in our lives. I know I definitely have.

Professional Sports; Honest Competition or Lucrative Entertainment?

But, beyond all of this, there still remain profoundly strong arguments for sports to not be seen simply as a source of entertainment. The origins of sport in its purest form have, time and again, revealed its individual and collective virtues.

A Plant-Based State of Mind

I didn't think I'd ever partake in the process of writing a blog post in a month of Sundays. I didn't ever think I'd ever make the gargantuan shift-after 29 years of eating an animal-based diet-towards a plant-based, vegan lifestyle.

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