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Business Reporter, The News Journal

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I have a passion for financial journalism and connecting to my readers through my social media accounts. I joined the The News Journal (of Wilmington, Del.) in January 2015. My beat includes Delaware's $1.4 billion corporate franchise and its largest employers, including DuPont, AstraZeneca and Chemours.
Prior to joining The News Journal, I spent 4 years covering corporate litigation in the Delaware Court of Chancery for American Lawyer Media.
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TransPerfect employees attack Delaware law

CLOSE Phil Shawe, co-chief executive officer of TransPerfect, insists the legal fight with his ex-fiancée and co-CEO Liz Elting for control of their nearly $1 billion translation business is not a love story gone awry. But the story is very much about love.

Delaware's dilemma: A fading DuPont

For more than 200 years, DuPont has been synonymous with Delaware. Like many places where one company was the dominant business player - think of the New York companies Kodak in Rochester and IBM in Binghamton - both community and company benefited in prosperous times.

'Because It is Right': DuPont engineer makes difference

When Sara Newman was appointed director of the National Park Service's Office of Public Health in 2006, one of the first things she did was call Jim Hecht, who, even though he had never held a government position, has had a greater impact on national parks than anyone she knew.

The truth behind Bloom Energy's sweet deal in Delaware

Over the last four years, Delawareans have paid nearly $130 million in energy surcharges - a benefit used to attract fuel cell company Bloom Energy to the state five years ago in exchange for a promise of 900 new jobs.

DuPont or Chemours? Who will pay the costs of C8 lawsuits?

DuPont is facing some 3,500 lawsuits and more than $1 billion in potential liability for improperly dumping the toxic chemical C8, used in the manufacturing of Teflon, at its Washington Works plant near Parkersburg, West Virginia.

DuPont official defends merger in Senate hearing

DuPont Agriculture head James Collins said his company's $130 billion merger with The Dow Chemical Co. will not stifle competition or innovation. "The merger is pro-competitive and good for farmers," he said in testimony Tuesday before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, which held a hearing on agriculture industry consolidation.

When Delaware Went to the Super Bowl

Eagles fans may forever speak the Dallas Cowboys' name with deep contempt-but not when they speak of former tackle Randy White. When the McKean alum became an MVP in Super Bowl XII, he showed America how they did it in Dunlinden Acres

Route 40 Killer Remains an Enigma After Being Convicted 25 Years Ago

photos provided by Delaware Department of Justice Shirley Anne Ellis was the first. It was a chilly, rainy night on Nov. 29, 1987. Though the holiday had passed three days earlier, Ellis was carrying a Thanksgiving platter for an AIDS patient undergoing treatment at Wilmington Hospital.