Jeff Kamikow

President and CEO of Cross Audience

Location icon United States of America

Jeff Kamikow, President and CEO of Cross Audience, has nearly 20 years of media experience including sales and operations management, business development and executive management at companies including Pulse 360, Time Inc. and Ziff-Davis.

Jeffrey Kamikow

Jeffrey Kamikow is a digital marketing expert and revenue strategy executive with more than two decades of experience in sales and operations management, business development and executive management at several successful companies.

About Jeff Kamikow |

Over the course of a storied career marked by plenty of high points and several "can't be done" corporate turnarounds, Jeffrey Kamikow has developed an impressive range of competencies, from mobile ad network development and expansion, aggressive revenue execution, brand turnarounds and re-positions, corporate management restructuring, and a host of legacy and cutting-edge integrated marketing techniques.

What Can Competitors Teach You About Marketing Tactics? - Wattpad

Jeffrey Kamikow | Every single business has a competitor, regardless of how niche they are in the market. It doesn’t matter what industry or sector you work in, you have a competitor that’s looking to take the same customers you are trying to reach. With that in mind, you can actually learn a lot from your competitors and it’s a great idea to keep a close eye on them according to digital advertising and marketing professional Jeff Kamikow. Remember that old saying keep your friends close...

B2B Buyer Journey Map Basics

It’s sad how out of touch some B2B sales and marketing folks are. I’ve talked to B2B marketers in some industries who have little in the way of strategy, but tens of thousands of dollars invested in trade shows – with much of that money going to “entertainment” by way of the bar and the golf course. While many a B2B sales executive will have you believe that deals are still made on the golf course – and in some cases, that is true – the majority are not. And the majority of business...

Three Best Practices Everyone Ignores with Mobile Video Ads

Mobile video has become an incredible hot trend in the last year. With larger screens, better resolution and faster connections, it's easy to see why consumers are spending more and more time watching video on their phones, both on the mobile web and in apps.

Jeffrey Kamikow | Mobile Strategy for Retail
Jeffrey Kamikow | Mobile Strategy for Retail

Jeffrey Kamikow Despite rumors to the contrary, retail is alive and doing quite well. While it is changing, thanks to a proliferation of big box stores and digital giants like Amazon and Wayfair, people are still buying things. In fact, consumer confidence is currently on the rise – which means there are likely more purchases ahead.

4 mobile marketing mistakes that could kill your business
4 mobile marketing mistakes that could kill your business

Building a mobile strategy is uncharted territory for most business.The maps we have so far are incomplete, with many zones that say “Here there be dragons.”

Three reasons mobile is even hotter in 2017
Three reasons mobile is even hotter in 2017

By now, most marketers understand that mobile marketing and advertising is a business imperative. With consumers on their mobile devices for about five hours each and every day, ignoring mobile as a marketing channel would be well…ignorant.

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