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Entrepreneur with extensive experience in Business Management. VP of Operations for Oneball Charitable Cancer Organization

Unicef UK Battles 'War on Disease' with Strength and Power

In an effort to flip the script, Unicef UK unveiled a new brand direction for its most recent global campaign. Rather than feeding into the weakness rhetoric commonly associated with illness, Unicef UK has gone in the direction of strength and power. Philanthropist, Jeff Ber weighs in on the British charity's inspiring move.

Jeff Ber

A terminal cancer diagnosis is often life-changing. For cancer survivor, Jeff Ber, the journey gave him his life's passion, rather than taking it away. In an incredible feat that defied all odds, Ber survived and overcame his terminal diagnosis of testicular cancer. But his story isn't stopping there.

Entrepreneur Jeff Ber Announces Business Management Blog Series

Jeff Ber Oct 4, 2019 - Seasoned entrepreneur, Jeff Ber will host a blog series on Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Ber hopes that the publication of his blog series will help to inspire and motivate young entrepreneurs and business professionals. Jeff Ber's new blog series will highlight upcoming events for entrepreneurs and analyze rising business management tactics.

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Jeff Ber has always maintained the mentality and perseverance of an entrepreneur. He developed his background in the entrepreneurial process by pursuing a degree in Business Management at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. The experience introduced him to critical leadership skills, including conflict resolution, planning and budgeting, and cross-cultural understanding.

Cancer Awareness

From a debilitating diagnosis to a remarkable defeat! When Jeff Ber received his terminal diagnosis of testicular cancer, his life changed forever. From all the thoughts that undoubtedly raced through his mind, one notion was clear: he wasn't going to give up.
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Jeff Ber is the VP of Operations at Oneball. Victorious in his own battle against cancer, he's now dedicating his career to philanthropy that aims to find a cure for all patients.

Jeff Ber

Jeff Ber is a professional who is passionate about volunteer work and charitable organizations in general. He is the Vice President of Operations at , an organization dedicated to providing meaningful support for people who have testicular cancer and destroying the stigma around discussing men's health.

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Jeff Ber is a driven professional with extensive business experience. Jeff has been repeatedly recognized for his acumen in finance services, as well as his approach to creating personal relationships with individuals and business clients to help them reach their goals. Currently, Jeff is taking an entrepreneurial leap to create a new business venture of his own.