Jeff B Copeland

Content Marketer, Team Leader, Editor, Writer

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Editorial guy, digital content marketer and product manager: extensive background in editorial strategy and editorial team management but also deep knowledge on search engine optimization, email newsletters, and every other digital content marketing channel. Special emphasis on B2B marketing. Senior management jobs at The Washington Post, E! Entertainment Television and major B2B media:, Dex Media and more.

Blog Post Writing
Got Data? How to Clean Up and Organize a Customer List - Dex Media

Is this you? Got one list of customers in your email system. One list in your point-of-sale system. One in your billing system. And maybe one still on your old Rolodex. Or maybe you're one of the 20% of businesses in one recent survey that keeps no contact information for customers, or leads for that matter.

Blog Post Writing
Better Targeting with Display Ad Remarketing - Dex Media

You know you need search ads to pull customers to your website, but that's just half the customer chase. You also should pull them back after they visit your site for a second shot at their business. That's called "remarketing".

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Best of the Dex Media Blog

Email campaign management, writing and editing for weekly newsletter reaching 40,000 subscribers.

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DexKnows Mobile App

Ad copy writing, ad campaign management for mobile app install campaign.

Volunteer Project
Daniel Pearl Foundation Website

Leader of volunteer team to redesign and relaunch website for foundation promoting news media exchanges with Islamic countries.

Consumer Advice Site

Editorial supervision, writer management and product management for consumer-advice site with 15,000+ articles.

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