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Just a small town girl who wants to write, and share her stories with the world.

13 Small Tattoos You Should Get - Society19

Choosing a tattoo to get can be nerve wrecking, especially if you have no clue what your getting. Instead of going big, why not try small? Consider these 13 small tattoos you should get. Embrace the inner animal inside with this cute little design.

Spartan Newsroom
Group pushes for paid leave for illness, sexual assault, domestic violence

A grassroots organization of social justice advocates hopes to ask Michigan voters for a guarantee that all workers have access to earned sick leave. The Earned Sick Time Act would also allow victims of domestic and sexual assault to earn paid time if they miss work because of medical care, counseling appointments or court time.

10 Budget Worthy Places To Explore For Spring Break - Society19

Budget worthy places can help take a dull spring break up a notch. Just because you can't afford a luxury cruise doesn't mean you can't have fun on break. Here we have 10 budget worthy places to explore for spring break. With over 60 miles of coastline, this beach destination might be the perfect get away on a budget.

Spartan Newsroom
Michigan candidates pay for breaking finance rules

Most penalties are for failure to put identification on campaign materials, misuse of public resources for political purposes and failing to disclose expenses properly. Misuse of public resources can be when government officials use public money in their own campaigns.

Spartan Newsroom
Surge in women political candidates makes its way to Michigan

LANSING - The Secretary of State recently announced the 2018 Michigan unofficial primary candidates, including two women, either of whom could could become the first Muslim woman to hold a seat in Congress. They are examples of the rising tide of women and minorities running for political offices in 2018.

10 Cute Active Wear Outfits To Keep You Motivated - Society19

We all have those moments when we get bogged down, and don't want to workout. Instead we say we can't do it, and feel bad about ourselves. Cute active wear can help boost your confidence in the gym. Whether your looking for something basic or colorful, here are 10 cute active wear outfits that will keep you motivated.

13 Cute Super Bowl Hairstyles - Society19

With two months until Super Bowl Sunday the time to find that one cute hairstyle for game time is almost up. Instead of spending time scrolling through your feed to find a style, we did it for you. Here are 13 cute Super Bowl hairstyles that you should try this year.

Your Upcoming Holiday Horoscopes To Put You In A Jolly Mood

Have no idea what the holiday season might have in store for you? Don't worry, these horoscopes could help to give you more insight on how to spend those snowy days. Whether your a fire, air, water, or even earth sign be sure to check out your upcoming holiday horoscopes.

10 Coat Trends Everyone Will Be Wearing This Winter - Society19

Trendy coats can make the difference between a drab winter, and one of style. You don't have to be rich to enjoy the latest trends. Whether your looking for something fluffy, or with more edge enjoy these 10 coat trends everyone will be wearing this winter.

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