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Jen Avison Smith

Freelance Writer, Editor and Ghostwriter

Location icon United States

I'm fresh out of college and ready to WORK. Writing is my first love, my passion and the thing I'm best at, besides making some really spicy chili.

I love traveling, learning new languages, working, cooking and being outside. I'm hoping to build a career from collaborating with the talented public and producing quality work.

Message me with business inquiries, or to get an excellent recipe for cheesecake brownies. Both are equally welcome.


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kate elizebeth nagel

Kate Nagel, author, motivational speaker, certified coach, entrepreneur, and recovering workaholic. Her debut memoir, Untethered, was released in March, 2015.

Documented Adventures

Trying New Things I: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

I previously wrote about how boring Netflix is, but offered no remedies to this stagnant habit. So, I've decided to go on a mission. The objective is simple. Every week until graduation, which is in about six weeks, I will shove myself out of my comfort zone and try something that is completely new to me.

Trying New Things II: Sitting Alone At The Bar

Not too many women go to bars alone. There isn't any statistical evidence behind this statement, but as a woman I don't usually find the urge to sit and drink alone at a bar. The "table for one" move at smoky restaurants or quaint little coffeeshops has always held much more appeal.

Trying New Things III: Cryotherapy

The weather has been absolutely perfect this week. Spring is here, and the trees are green and full of flowers, and the air is finally warm again. To celebrate, I decided to go freeze my butt off. Almost literally.

Trying New Things IV: Cadaver Lab

I'm a firm believer in trying as many things as possible, even if they're completely irrelevant to one's personality. That's why as an English major, I try to break away from the ever-present Microsoft Word existence to do things that wouldn't appeal to me in a normal setting.

Trying New Things V: Comicon

People watching is a delightful and data-free way to pass time, and there are three prime locations to people watch on this planet: airports, the Las Vegas strip, and as I recently discovered, comic book conventions. Before anyone freaks out on me for not spelling "Comic-Con" correctly, I did not attend the famous, international version in San Diego.

Trying New Things VI: First Class

I have been on quite a few planes in this lifetime: for volleyball tournaments, trips to journalism conventions, and those eternal study abroad flights that send your internal clock spinning with confusion. However, my socioeconomic status and frugal nature leave me blessed to have flights at all, but with coach as the unsaid, practical option.

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