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Javier Navarro

Writer and Copy Editor

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I am a working writer based in New York City and a proud alum of the University of North Texas who also has a passion for writing, technology, and coffee. I have more than four years of professional writing experience and more than one year of social media and digital marketing experience.


Content Creation/Blogs

5 bizarre police moments captured on video

When it comes to working in law enforcement, there is never a "routine" day. But every once in a while, officers have an encounter where you had to be there to believe it. Luckily for these officers, they can back up their strange stories with the help of video.

Veterans weigh in: 5 rules rookie COs should live by

Becoming a corrections officer is an honor that carries a great deal of responsibilities. The corrections environment can be a rough one to work in; officers are constantly putting their lives on the line to keep some of the most dangerous people contained from the public.

5 agency changes police officers would like to see in 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, many see the coming year as an opportunity for a fresh start and the beginning of making both professional and personal changes in their life. For some of those who work in law enforcement, they hope that the new year will also bring in some changes within their agencies.

FC Dallas
Fully healthy, Colin Bonner looking to make his mark in rookie season

FRISCO - For one FC Dallas player, the season has just barely begun. Rookie forward Colin Bonner entered the 2016 season on a tough note after suffering an injury at the beginning of the preseason. However, the University of North Carolina-Wilmington alum has finally gotten the chance to train with

FC Dallas
Mauro Rosales "a key component" in Game Against San Jose Earthquakes

FRISCO - It was an Argentine midfielder named Mauro who gave FC Dallas a boost on Saturday night - but it wasn't the usual suspect. Midfielder Mauro Rosales stepped up big coming on as a substitute in the 60th minute of FCD's 2-2 draw vs. the San Jose Earthquakes.

Tech in Denton
Denton's Tech Scene - Video, Editing and Photo Samples

This was a class project between me and a class partner. The website was designed and put together in WordPress by me. All photos and videos (with the exception of one) were taken by me. I also edited every video on the website. "Grand Opening," "Map," and "The Next Silicon Valley?" tabs were written by me. I also co-wrote the main story on the home page and the "Students Playing a Role" tab.

Denton's Tech Scene
Grand Opening

It all started in a bistro. People who needed space to work or hold conference calls for their startup business could do so in a space on Oak St. where people also go to enjoy food and drinks. Now, Marshall Culpepper and his team at TechMill partnered up with local Denton creative agency...

Denton's Tech Scene
The Next Silicon Valley?

Denton boasts a burgeoning tech hub and is home of many different types of tech companies. In 2013, the Progressive Policy Institute listed Denton No. 6 in their list of the top 25 tech hotspots in the U.S. That is ahead of bigger markets such as New York City.

News Writing

North Texas Daily

The Center for Human Identification at the UNT Health and Science Center in Fort Worth is working to identify the skeletal remains of boys who died at a former reform school in Florida. The Arthur G. Dozier School for Boys was a reform school for juvenile delinquents, which operated in Marianna, Fla., from 1900 to 2011.

North Texas Daily

The temporary Building had to close and cancel classes on Wednesday due to mosquito spraying, but that's not the only issue that's bugging some students. This was the second time in the last few days the building had to close for spraying when mosquitos were found throughout the building.

North Texas Daily

One day while teaching his upper-level political science class, professor Matthew Eshbaugh-Soha asked his students if they planned to vote during local elections-only three hands were raised. April 28 marked the start of early voting in Denton, and while hope is always high, for a number of years, Denton has seen a low turnout during local elections.

Long-Form Writing and Profiles

Discover Denton
They come from the Future - Discover Denton.

In the bowels of a historic building that used to protect the assets of the people and businesses that founded this city is a room now filled with comic book action figures, high-end tower computers and four guys working like mad men on their projects.

Denton Record-Chronicle
'True fear'

A noose hangs from a gallows in the woods, twisting in the blowing Lake Dallas wind. Posted on a window at the Swisher Courts recreation center is a sign with two demons from Japanese folklore; each is an Oni, has two horns, skin-piercing teeth and blood flowing from its devilish grin. Published in the Denton Record-Chronicle newspaper on Oct. 29, 2014. Photos by Javier Navarro.

UNT alumni reflect on JFK 50th anniversary

Former Dallas Times Herald political writer and UNT alumnus Keith Shelton remembers the cheers from the crowd of people all over downtown Dallas as President John F. Kennedy made his way through the city. Shelton was in a press bus several vehicles behind Kennedy's motorcade, and everything was going smoothly until he heard a few shots fired.

Rapper looks to put Denton on the map

On a cloudy Friday afternoon, Chris Avant approaches Fred Moore Park in Southeast Denton and takes a second to reflect. He points to the direction of the neighborhood down the street where he grew up in: Alexander Street. "This is my come up right here," Avant said.

North Texas Daily

Perhaps it's his graying beard, his thick-rimmed glasses or the thin southern twang in his voice that makes Doug Campbell an unusual librarian. Maybe it's his approachable disposition and the way he can make a first-time discussion feel like a conversation with a familiar face.

Austere Magazine
Zebra's Head

Austere takes a look into the Zebra's Head, Texas' first head shop.

Video Editing Samples

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