Jason Peterson

Plant Manager

United States

Jason Peterson is an experienced professional in the manufacturing industry. Peterson launched his career with Overhead Door Corporation, where he advanced from Lean Specialist to Quality Manager. Currently, the professional is interested in expanding his career into other avenues and industries.

Jason Peterson
Business Development & Coaching

Jason Peterson has always favored a hands-on approach. From training to resolving a problem, Peterson believes that this approach is incredibly effective. He also believes that coaching grounds itself in feedback from peers and the public can make a major difference in a business's overall development.

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Jason Peterson holds years of experience in the manufacturing industry working with Overhead Door Corporation. He has focused his career on ...

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Jason Peterson is a professional in the manufacturing industry. Peterson is an expert in the field, having perfected his command on Continuous Improvement Methodology throughout his 20+ year career. http://socialcareerbuilder.com/jason-peterson/ Jason Peterson's Community

Jason Peterson

In his nearly twenty years in the field, he has held a variety of unique roles and responsibilities. These experiences have fueled his exceptional command on continuous improvement methodology and practices, as pertaining to manufacturing and plant management. Jason Peterson received his Bachelor's in Business Administration from Bellevue University in 2009.

Jason Peterson

Recently, Jason Peterson has tied together his personal interests with a professional pursuit by launching an eCommerce project. For many years, this avid sports fan has enjoyed collecting a variety of sports memorabilia. Now, he's sharing his hobby with fellow sports aficionados by curating his collection for sale.

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Jason Peterson is a professional with a wealth of knowledge regarding the manufacturing industry. He has held various roles in the realm, including Plant Manager and Engineering Review Technician. In his spare time, he enjoys collecting, trading and selling sport cards via his eCommerce business, JP's Sport Cards & Collectibles.