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Journal: Basics

This was one of the first journals that I completed. It was basically just looking at the surface factors of the story that we were reading. The things such as settings, characters, and conflict. This is important because it's the first stepping stone into analyzing the story as a whole.

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Essay 3: Feminism in Mystery Stories

This assignment allowed me to look beyond the surface level of a mystery story. Not just at the obvious mystery going on, but the underlying labels as well. For this particular story and essay, there was a lot of feminism to discuss. There were a lot more feminist issues within the novel than I expected Issues that are also real world issues.

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Here are 2 of the discussion board posts from the class. I feel as though these posts allowed me to interact with with my peers and better my understanding on the different tasks.

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Second Look Journal

This journal really encouraged me to look back other things that I have already read or watched before. I go into it with a different perspective and look for things I may have missed or just natural grow into a different opinion of. I feel like this is a good thing because it forces me to see the different perspectives of stories, movies, and shows.

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My Own Mystery Story

This is a mystery story that was actually written by me. I really enjoyed this assignment because it forced me to get creative. This was by far my favorite assignment and I appreciated the positive feedback that I received from it. I feel as though it gave me better insight on the behind the scenes work of writing a mystery story.

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Essay 2: Storyline

This essay shows how I learned to analyze the plot of a story. More specifically, a mystery story.

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Final Reflection

This is my final reflection which discusses what I felt this course taught me.