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Every copywriter says they're passionate about words, but I'm passionate about your business. When I join a company, I like discovering what makes the company tick and how I should adjust my content to suit your vision.

Trading on the FTSE 100

I created an article and supporting page plan focusing on the FTSE 100. This page is optimised for SEO around the topic of the FTSE 100 stock exchange.

Duncan Peter: Mind Energy Coach
Leading Hynotherapist in London

Since qualifying as a hypnotherapist in the 1990s, I have had a write-up in Tatler magazine and have been interviewed on BBC radio. I am a leading hypnotherapist specialising in stress management, smoking cessation and the treatment of IBS. Studies also show that stress is the main contributor to health issues.

Paralegals in the UK: An Introduction

Paralegals in the UK: An Introduction gives individuals an overview of the legal system within the UK, including the types of professionals who work in the industry and how new laws are passed. It also outlines key skills which potential paralegals must possess prior to persuing a career in law.T...

Health and Care
Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2

Whether you are in charge of a small office or a multi-storied building, it's integral that you have an evacuation plan in place for everyone who could be in the building, including individuals with restricted mobility. The Tri-Wheel Evacuation Transit Chair Mk 2 is an innovative and easy way of navigating routes with several staircases to the exit point.