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Jared MacAdam

Freelance Writer

Location icon Canada

Freelance writer and content creator/manager. I have experience working in esports, lifestyle, interior design, business news, and copywriting settings.



Interior Design

6 Ways to Achieve the Boho-Chic Style in Your Living Room - Medallion

Boho-Chic is a wonderful medley of diverse, creative and eclectic style choices that all somehow come together to work so well. Whether it's having some beautiful, warm textiles in a room that is filled with antiques, or a place bursting at the seams with colours, textures, and plants, Boho-Chic style is as wide and inclusive...


Into the Fires of the Forge: Ray, The Sword of the East Pt.1

For some, esports is the kills and the Ws in the standings. For others, it's the stories of the teams, of the players themselves. Their triumphs, their falls, their grand returns, or their fading into the hum of the scene. In such a young, fluid scene, many names will ascend to fame, only to descend just as fast.

Uzi: Crownless King No More | MSI 2018

The Mid Season Invitational (MSI) is Riot's second largest international tournament in the professional circuit, just behind Worlds. For our first player profile we look at the Mad Dog, the Puppy, the ADC previously known as the Crownless King: Jian "Uzi" Zi-Hao.