Jared Goyette

Reporter, writer. editor and digital producer

United States

Kyiv—Zagreb based freelance writer, reporter, producer and storyteller. Contributing editor for the English edition of Chytomo, a Ukrainian outlet covering books and reading.

Washington Post
Citizen patrols organize across Minneapolis as confidence in the police force plummets

MINNEAPOLIS - It's approaching 2 a.m., and City Council member Jeremiah Ellison is patrolling his neighborhood in a black sedan when the smell of smoke wafts through the open driver's side window. Several black-owned businesses had been destroyed in this area - considered the heart of the city's black community - in recent fires that investigators have deemed "suspicious."

the Guardian
Why? The question that still hangs over Justine Damond's killing

When Minneapolis police officers Matthew Harrity and Mohamed Noor arrived at the alleyway behind the home of Justine Damond on the night of 15 July, they radioed in a "code four", which means "no assistance needed" or "situation is under control". The time was 11.39pm.

ABC Radio National
The rallying cry heard the world over

Could Australia's Black Lives Matter movement bring about real world change? Jared Goyette, Bridget Brennan and Allan Clarke trace how the brutal death of George Floyd has resonated with so many, from the scorched streets of Minneapolis to downtown Melbourne.

FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul
Minnesotan who lost eyesight and leg now helps wounded Ukrainian soldiers

The Ukrainian soldiers who come to Minnesota to be fitted with prosthetic limbs have been face a long road to recovery. In that journey, they have an unlikely source of inspiration: a blind woman from Eden Prairie who knows a thing or two about adjusting to sudden setbacks.

FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul
FOX 9 digital reporter wins prestigious journalism award

Jared Goyette, a content editor and digital reporter at FOX 9, is the recipient of the 2022 Peter S. Popovich Award, the most prestigious award given by the Minnesota Society of Professional Journalists. This award, which was presented on Thursday night, is given to the person or organization that best exemplifies the fight for First Amendment rights.

FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul
Bell Lofts: Ex-residents of condemned Minneapolis building plead for landlord accountability

Former residents of the Bell Lofts apartment building are calling on the City of Minneapolis not to renew their former landlord's rental license and for Attorney General Keith Ellison to open an investigation. It's been 40 days since Ikedra West woke up on a Wednesday night to see rusty, discolored water rushing in through the front door of her third-floor apartment in north Minneapolis.

FOX 9 Minneapolis-St. Paul
What residents of one Minneapolis homeless encampment need to survive winter

While the debate over Minneapolis' policy toward homeless encampments continues at the government center and on Twitter, residents at the Quarry encampment are doing what they can to prepare for winter as temperatures drop. On Tuesday night, John Reps, a 42-year-old encampment resident from St.

Music writing

City Pages
Elle PF's daring, feminist orchestral rock blossoms on 'She Wrote It' | City Pages

The leader of the orchestral synth-rock band Elle PF is trying to figure out how to fit a string quartet and two backup singers into the crowded, carpeted northeast Minneapolis basement where her three bandmates and a drum kit are already vying for space with two house dogs-Ashley, a hyperactive border collie mix, and Zephyr, a big white lumbering Pyrenees.

City Pages
26 BATS! grow up but stay weird on 'Onyx' | City Pages

The group's high-energy, Latin-infused, jazz-influenced neo-soul indie rock had already established them as a hot live act. Since forming in 2015, 26 BATS! have progressed from house shows to late-night sets at the Dakota, and as part of the Kremblems Collective, 26 BATS! are now taking part in a monthlong residency at Icehouse.


Star Tribune
Meet the tent dwellers on my Minneapolis block: 'We have children, you know'

Over the past few weeks we've heard a lot about the "Wall of Forgotten Natives," the enormous tent encampment in south Minneapolis. Lost in all the discussion have been the smaller encampments, the ones tucked about the city's neighborhoods. Advocates I've talked to, including John Tribbett of St.

the Guardian
What happened when I discovered my brother was a sexual predator

I've fallen out of touch with a lot of childhood friends, but how it happened with my Christie was different - more sudden, and at the time, inexplicable. Christie was my best friend. Her mother, Suzanne, was my mother's best friend since high school. In adulthood, they would get together for coffee once a week.