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Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. I am a very experienced SEO content writer and write blogs, articles and website content for large corporations and various businesses. As a freelance video spokesperson, I have written and created video content for many companies and brands, generating hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube. Please check out my portfolio and let's make magic together ;)

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Wild Beaute
About - Wild Beaute

Wild Beaute was created out of the problem in the "Natural Beauty" Industry. Our founder experienced an allergic reaction from an "all natural serum" which left her skin distressed, extremely sensitive. After a while of healing, she decided to rebalance her skin and provide it with natural top grade quality nutrients from "natural all organic products" on the market.

MASTER LIST: What Men Find Most Attractive In Women

Big news! No, we're not quite exactly cracking the guy code just yet. The male species and their eternally bizarre behavior and ways of life will continue to perplex us. However, you have come to the right place if you're trying to score that cutie for a hot summer fling, or maybe you even want to meet the one...possibly settle down, you know totally adulting in a more serious relationship?

14 Reasons Why You Should Get Busy More Often

It goes without saying how vital a healthy physical bond is to the success of a relationship. A relationship is just not complete or fully satisfying without that physical intimacy between lovers. As long as both parties are meeting each other's needs, the physical closeness strengthens the emotional bond between a couple, fortifying it's very foundation.

18 Times Emily Ratajkowski Was The Biggest Thirst Queen

Emily Ratajkowksi burst onto the scene and burned through our screens in her debut as a dancer in Robin Thicke's music video, where she appeared topless. Since then, she has been a successful model and actress, with a string of movies already to her name.

15 Things You Didn't Know About America's Hottest Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot, the actress we have all been girl-crushing on for a while is now heating up our screens as Wonder Woman! You may have heard of her before, or thought the crazy-beautiful woman with the unusual name looked familiar from some movie, but if one thing's for sure, now you will definitely know and remember her name.

15 Weirdest Marriages You Won't Believe Are Real

Ah, marriage. The beloved, sacred pledge two people give to one another, vowing their undying love and commitment to each other. Two people go in front of all of their loved ones and close friends at the altar to make promises to honor one another in sickness and in health, 'till death do them part.

13 Laws That Separate Women From Men In America

We all know it can be hard to be a woman sometimes. We are subject to physical objectification, harassment from the opposite gender and inundated with unrealistic body expectations perpetuated through media on a daily basis. And beyond that, it can just be really inconvenient at times, too (long bathroom lines, anyone?).

17 Things You Have To Do Before You Give Yourself to Him

This is such an incredibly exciting, pivotal time in your life! You are changing and growing, getting in touch with your body, and experiencing all these new weird and intense feelings and emotions. This is also, undoubtedly a very confusing time as various people, priorities, friends, and significant others are all pulling your head and heart in different directions.

15 Hookup Moves Women Need To Stop ASAP

Ok, so you really like this guy. The fireworks are going off, you have been getting to know each other and real feelings are starting to develop. Tonight is the night that you guys are going to get busy, and you're totally excited.

15 Worst Trends You Could Wear This Spring

Ah, spring has finally sprung! Such an exciting time for budding fashionistas. Yes, when temperatures start to climb, hemlines start dipping and people...

15 Times Instagram Models Were Annoying AF

You're guilty, we all are. You know you do it. You follow this Instagram model because you just have to know what new style she's wearing, or what stunning, exotic destination she's travelling to. Maybe you're lusting after that designer purse that of course this other blogger has, and you're tantalizing yourself, ogling at it throughout your lunch breaks.

Euro Trip!!!

Indulging in the world's best gelato in Florence, shopping on Bond Street in London, basking in the beauty of Versailles in Paris....Lucky you! You're going on an epic adventure to Europe and now you face the slightly daunting task of packing for your getaway.

15 Things You Wish He Knew About Intimacy

Many elements come together to make a relationship amazing and to make two lovers happy. It goes without saying how important intimacy is to the success of a relationship. Think about it. Without it, we would only have a platonic bond. Physical intimacy is what elevates a close relationship among the bestest of friends to that of lovers.

15 Signs You Should Run Before He Ghosts You

Unfortunately, not every relationship leads to you walking down the aisle. Some relationships aren't meant to last, and some men, frankly, aren't worth your time. Yes, obviously you're interested and maybe even doing all the right things.

Coachella Style Trends

Ah, it's that magical time of year when the unicorns come out to play and girls with flower crowns frolic in the fields to some really awesome music... I'm talking about Coachella, of course! (or maybe, I'm just hallucinating) One thing's for sure, if there's anywhere you can get some epic fashion...

Richard Magazine
Makeup vs Men

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Richard Magazine
How to Pick Your First Designer Purse | Richard Magazine

Girls come in four categories: bag crazy, shoe crazy, fashion resistant, and just plain crazy. Yea, that third one's definitely not me. I can't remember a day when I wasn't interested in fashion and beauty. I was basically born with a fashion magazine in my hand. #NotBasic.

Richard Magazine
Makeup Bag Essentials | Richard Magazine

I still shudder when I think about those couple days I accidentally left my makeup bag at home and was forced to go through the day without a single touch up. Talk about willpower, But seriously, makeup bags are arsenals of essential tools you need to have on hand to transform, perfect or elevate your look on the go.

Richard Magazine
How to Rock Bold Lipstick Colors | Richard Magazine

I love me some vibrant, rich, bold lipstick colors. Seriously, lip products are basically some of my favorite things in life. Nothing excites me more than picking up a new lipstick at the store or reaching into my makeup bag to touch up my gloss. It's the best pick me up after a long day.

Richard Magazine
Worst Womens Fashion Trends | Richard Magazine

We can all agree that the nature of fashion is to evolve. Tastes change and trends come and go. But there are some fashion trends that should go back into the black hole where they came from - never to be seen again. Ladies, listen up.

Richard Magazine
Curly Hair YouTube Gurus | Richard Magazine

Learning how to work with, and love, your natural texture can be difficult. Especially, when all we see in the media are celebs with sleek, straight hair and blowouts. But if your hair's got some waves, curls, coils or kinks, we'll show you how to embrace your texture, not fight against it.

Richard Magazine
Transitioning Your Makeup From Summer to Fall | Richard Magazine

Boo! Summer's almost over but it doesn't mean you have to completely ditch your easy breezy, glowy warm weather look just yet. Read up on how to transition your summer makeup look into fall beauty. http://politicsofpretty.com What screams summer more than a hot, neon pink lip look?

Affordable Home Improvement Tips

All granite And Marble Corp. is the largest fabricator and installer of stone countertops. We have over 2,000 stone colors. Servicing in NJ, NY, PA, CT.

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