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Janice Daniels

Writer, Designer, Editor, Videographer, Antique Collector, DIY Fanatic, Proud Aunt

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I am a creative, detail-oriented content specialist with 15 years of experience producing content for numerous media outlets and nonprofit organizations including: ShelterCare, Eugene Weekly, CBS Radio, CBS News, Sacramento News & Review, Slow Food Sacramento, Edible Sacramento, The State Hornet, The Shasta Historical Society, and various college and high school newspapers.


Recent Stories

How Coloring Books Helped a Woman Cope with Homelessness

Through a difficult upbringing, abusive relationships, and homelessness, Tammy says coloring has been her go-to coping mechanism since she was young. "Coloring got me through my toughest days," said Tammy. "And 'till this day, you won't catch me without a coloring book." Tammy first started coloring when she was 16-years-old as a way to escape her difficult homelife.

Housed for the Holidays: A Family's Story of Hope

Last Christmas, Jeff and Tandy Chapman, and their two children - Kody, 15, and Samantha, 11 - spent their holiday in a tent. It was Jeff and Tandy's second Christmas in a tent, but - in Jeff's words - "much nicer than the previous year, because there wasn't an ice storm, and the kids were able to visit."

Family Home for the Holidays After Years of Homelessness

After nearly 17 years of struggling with homelessness, ShelterCare resident Matthew Smith and his family are excited to celebrate the holidays in their own home this year. "We aren't going anywhere anytime soon," said Matthew. "We are finally home and here to stay."

16 Common Signs of a Mental Health Condition

Mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions that disrupt a person's mood, thoughts, and behavior. Examples of mental health conditions include anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors. While many people experience mental health issues from time to time, it may not always be apparent when a short-term mental health issue is developing into a long-term mental illness.

5 Memory Building Activities for Acquired Brain Injury Survivors - ShelterCare

Memory loss is usually one of the first problems people experience after an acquired brain injury (ABI), and is one of the last of the cognitive functions to return. Even after the acute recovery phase is over, many individuals continue experiencing trouble with learning and remembering new information, events, or day-to-day appointments and activities.

6 Ways To Prevent Heat Exhaustion for Homeless Families - ShelterCare

Finding permanent housing can be a lengthy process for many individuals and families experiencing homelessness in Lane County, and we know hot weather doesn't make the wait any easier. When you spend lots of time in the summer heat, it's important to take precaution so you can prevent heat-related illnesses from happening to you and your family.

Articles About People

The State Hornet
How Yoga Saved Her Life

When Sacramento State dietetics senior Karly Behymer was just 16 years old, she tried yoga for the first time. She recalls being in her bedroom alone, with one of her mom's yoga workout DVDs, practicing routines over and over again until she had them memorized.

The State Hornet
Stylist Gina Sanchez Shares Fashion Philosophy

On Tuesday, sophomore apparel and marketing design major Gina Sanchez will be debuting her styling skills at the "Midnight Masquerade" fashion show put on by the Student Fashion Association. When did you become interested in fashion? At the age of six I always knew I wanted to be an artist.

The State Hornet
Blind Student Helps Make Teen Science Dreams A Reality

As someone who keeps busy with everything from barbecuing to serving as a mentor at California Chemistry Camp, a camp for blind and visually-impaired teenagers, 31-year-old Sacramento State psychology major Angela Fowler could seem to disregard the fact she is blind. Really, she is just living her life with the potential she believes everyone holds.

Sacramento News & Review Articles

Sacramento News & Review
Student Guide: Fall 2014 (PAGE 4-5)

Colleges have been wisening up to the tech-savvy ways of their students by capitalizing on the electronics most of them own.

Food Articles

Farm to Every Fork: Work Together to Bring Everyone to the Table

The organizations came together with a vision to ensure that EVERY fork gets to transport healthy, good quality foods to every mouth. What happens when we combine the determination of the food justice movement with the resilience of people who fight for the rights of the hungry and homeless?

The State Hornet
Practice Makes Perfect When Cooking Tofu

If you've never cooked tofu before, chances are you're going to have to play with it a couple times before you find a technique you like - but that's the beauty in practicing for perfection.

Eugene Weekly
The Company Doing Juicing Right

Fresh Press Northwest takes cold press to new heightsIf you think cold-pressed juices only taste like Brussels sprouts, you'll be amazed to hear one special juicery in town even has child admirers. Jon Bertolone, owner of The Fresh Press Northwest organic juicery, took his first shot at juicing to help a friend who was battling cancer.

An Easy Strawberry Pie To Make At Home

Strawberries are what kept me entertained as a child. on disgustingly hot summer days in my hometown of Redding, Calif., I can remember wanting nothing more than to sit in front of the TV - with a high-powered fan blowing in my face - and watch ZooM while popping whole strawberries in my mouth, one after another, as their red juices slowly made their way down my chubby little face.

The State Hornet
Baked Sweet Potato Fries To Die For

The smell of russet potato fries - or "papas" as my mom called them - frying over oil in a hot cast iron pan will forever be ingrained in my mind.

Chocolate-dipped Peanut Butter Cookies Like No Others

Most cookies you'll find at your local bakery will contain eggs, which serve as binding, leavening and moisture in the baking process. The trickiest part about vegan baking is finding an ingredient to act the same way an egg might act in, what you might call, "regular" baking - because no one likes a dry, crumbly cookie.

A Vegetarian's Alternative To Meaty Enchiladas

My mom didn't cook often, but when she did, she could really cook.The sight of her standing in our kitchen, placing corn tortillas in pans of hot red sauce always filled me with excitement - not only because I knew I would soon be munching on delicious enchiladas, but because I knew I would soon be eating a meal made with undeniable love.

The State Hornet
Get Creative With Heart Cookies For Valentine's Day

My mom has always been my No. 1 Valentine. Every year since I was young she would never fail to surprise me with chocolates after a long day of watching young girls at school receive flowers and candy from their "boyfriends."

WEIRD NEWS (Disclaimer: CBS Radio sold to Bonneville International in 2017, so these clippings no longer link out).

1025 KSFM
Parrot Reveals Cheating Husband's Affair To Wife

If the bird can speak, chances are you shouldn't be cheating on your wife in front of it! A woman in Kuwait was already suspicious that her husband had been cheating on her, but it became obvious when their parrot started "to repeat flirty phrases" she never heard him say before, according to Metro.co.uk .

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You Can Now Make Cocktails With Your Own Tears...

The people at Alcoholic Architecture don't believe in wasting anything... including your tears! That is why they developed a workshop which can show you how to make cocktail bitters from your own tears - pasteurized first, of course!

1025 KSFM
Nearly 40% Of Employees Admit To Masturbating At Work

This will make you start looking at your co-workers differently... According to a study by Time Out New York, nearly 40 percent of office workers admitted to masturbating in their work's bathroom. Don't think it's just men, either! According to Time Out, men and women alike have done the deed in their work bathrooms for various different reasons...

KYMX Mix 96
Bearded Woman Stops Shaving For A Happier Marriage

According to Mirror, Annalisa Hackleman was 13-years-old when she developed polycystic ovary syndrome, a hormonal condition that caused her to grow facial hair similarly to a man. Soon after developing the condition, Annalisa's mother took her to get laser hair removal treatments, but they unfortunately didn't work; and Annalisa's only option was the razor.

1025 KSFM
Is Umbilical Cord Jewelry The Next Fashion Trend? [PICS]

While you may have heard of mothers saving their umbilical cords after pregnancy, some mothers are taking it a step further by turning their umbilical cords into jewelry and household decor. Check out some photos of the jewelry below 🙂

New Country 105.1 FM - KNCI-FM Sacramento
Man Gets Hepatitis After Drinking Too Many Energy Drinks

Apparently you can get Hepatitis if you drink too many energy drinks... According to , a 50-year-old man developed severe hepatitis after drinking nothing but energy drinks during his long shifts as a construction worker. The man apparently drank energy drinks for three weeks straight, and he ended up having flu-like symptoms such as fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting.


New Country 105.1 FM - KNCI-FM Sacramento
Best 24 Hour Restaurants In Sacramento

Sometimes late night hunger is hard to avoid, especially when there is nothing in the fridge that can satisfy your cravings. Instead of punishing yourself with Top Ramen or cereal, why not try one of these popular food joints open 24 hours a day! You'll be happy you did!

Top 5 Sacramento Breweries

1. Oak Park Brewing Company: This brewery is set in a lovely 90-year-old building that makes you feel like you're on a luxurious, rustic ship - and an even bigger plus: they have extraordinary beer. There are usually seven beers on tap, but each beer always seems to be from a different planet than the one beside it.

KYMX Mix 96
8 Best Places to Find Christmas Trees In Sacramento

All the roadside Christmas tree stands during this time of year can keep one inspired, yet flustered as to where to start searching for the perfect tree. To help make the scavenge easier for you - and more fun - we have curated a list of some of Sacramento's best Christmas tree growers (especially some with free cider), as well as links to their websites.

New Country 105.1 FM - KNCI-FM Sacramento
Best Places To Go Fishing In Sacramento

It's the perfect time for fishing in the Delta Region this season. Here are some hot spots for catching salmon, striped bass and Steelhead trout. Check out this list of awesome fishing spots adapted from a story by the Sacramento Bee.

Top 5 Most Delicious Burgers In Sacramento

Burgers are probably one of the world's most versatile meals. Whether you like them piled high with bacon, onion rings, bleu cheese, avocado or fried eggs - they're hard to fail because finding a bad mate for a juicy beef patty is pretty difficult to do.

New Country 105.1 FM - KNCI-FM Sacramento
Top 5 Ice Cream Shops In Sacramento

It's getting warm out there, and you know what that means: ICE CREAM! Wonder where to get the best ice cream in Sacramento? Here are the top five ice cream spots to check out. Gunther's Ice Cream Located on 5th Avenue and Franklin Boulevard in Sacramento, this family owned business has been around since 1940 and remains Sacramento's best.

New Country 105.1 FM - KNCI-FM Sacramento
The Best Christmas Light Displays In Sacramento

Sacramento is getting into the Christmas spirit!! The Sacramento Bee has created a list of the best Christmas lights to go see in Sac! Are any of them near you??

1025 KSFM
10 Unconventional Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day In Sacramento

If you want to try something other than dinner, chocolate and roses for Valentine's Day, try one of the unique Sacramento events below! These events include everything from reptiles and antiques, to swing dancing and vintage cars, and are bound to provide more entertainment than a fancy dinner.

New Country 105.1 FM - KNCI-FM Sacramento
The 10 Best Sushi Rolls In Sacramento

Believe it or not, but sushi is relatively new to the United States. According to Food and Wine, it first arrived here during World War II, but not many people could get their hands on it due to its cost.

New Country 105.1 FM - KNCI-FM Sacramento
Best Tacos In Sacramento

Sacramento is home to a number of fantastic Mexican joints that run the gamut from hole-in-the-wall neighborhood joints to fancy, upscale Midtown eateries. If it's tacos you are craving this National Taco Day, check out one of these five spots that are known for everything from fish tacos to "street meat" tacos like you find wandering the plazas of Mexico.

New Country 105.1 FM - KNCI-FM Sacramento
The 8 Most Delicious Burritos In Sacramento

If you're a Californian, you are most likely passionate about your burritos. Meat, beans, rice, cheese, salsa, cilantro, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream - sometimes even French fries - wrapped in a big tortilla make what many of us natives call a perfect meal.

Pumpkin cinnamon rolls make for yummy autumnal treats

While I was setting out the ingredients, though, I noticed the untouched can of pumpkin staring at me, begging to be used. So, being the innovative baker I am, I included it into my cinnamon roll recipe, and was pleasantly surprised.

Projects and Blogs

Edible Sacramento
Farm to Every Fork: Work Together to Bring Everyone to the Table

What happens when we combine the determination of the food justice movement with the resilience of people who fight for the rights of the hungry and homeless? We get a coalition called Farm to Every Fork (F2EF). The organizations behind this coalition came together with a passionate vision to ensure that EVERY fork gets to transport healthy, good quality foods to every mouth.

The Vegan Challenge: Introducing Dante Geoffrey

Starting today senior journalism major - and carnivore - Dante Geoffrey will begin a month-long journey of being vegan. In other words, he will be banned from eating anything that contains animals products including all meats, eggs and dairy.

The Vegan Challenge: Week 1

Dante's first week of veganism was entertaining to watch. This is not only because at one point he was hurdled in a corner with two avocados and a spoon during lunchtime, or even his nonstop text messages with questions including "Where can I get vegan fast food?"

The Vegan Challenge: Week 2

It's easy to make mistakes as a vegan. When Dante started this challenge I surely didn't expect him to be absolutely perfect, especially since he is still learning and sometimes - especially during those occasional drunken times - you don't feel like thinking with a strict, "can you tell me the ingredients?"

The Vegan Challenge: Week 3

As much as Dante seems to dislike this month-long challenge, I am glad he is taking part in it. Unlike me, Dante jumped into this thing cold turkey, and went from eating chicken one day to completely cutting out all animal products the next.

The Vegan Challenge: Week 4

Before this semester began, I jokingly told Dante, "I'm going to make you vegan by the end of the semester." Of course I didn't mean it seriously - nor did I know a challenge like this would take place - but it happened.

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