Janette Novak

Content Marketing and Digital Marketing Leader

United States

With a proven track record as an accomplished content marketing strategist and digital marketer, I bring a comprehensive skill set and a dynamic approach to driving brand growth, engagement and sales through results-generating content and digital marketing initiatives.

My expertise spans the full spectrum of marketing disciplines, including advanced content marketing strategies, SEO optimization, data analytics, market research, and effective lead generation and customer acquisition techniques. Known for my innovative thinking and insightful decision-making, I excel at crafting compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences, enhancing brand visibility and loyalty.

R1 RCM eBook
Proven Revenue Cycle Strategies for Stronger Financial Outcomes

This ebook is used in digital ad campaigns (in a variety of platforms, including Google Ads, Becker's Physician Leadership Newsletter, Physician's Practice Newsletter, etc.) to acquire leads for R1's Physician Revenue Cycle Management solutions. Over 2,000 downloads to date.

Forbes Advisor
What Is Digital Marketing? Types, Strategies & Best Practices

Digital marketing is one of the most popular and powerful ways to generate awareness, interest and sales for your products or services. As the name implies, digital marketing is conducted via digital avenues, including social media, websites, search engines, email and text messaging. (Ranks in top 10 in SERPS for "What is Digital Marketing")

Forbes Advisor
CRM Implementation: 10 Step Guide

Customer relationship management (CRM) implementation is a 10-step process for launching CRM software for your business. When implemented correctly, your new CRM will help you manage contacts, track leads and monitor interactions with current and potential customers. A well-implemented CRM can also

Website and Services Strategy Consulting

I worked with BodySmithKC owner, Scott Smith, to develop a website content strategy. Key elements included selling training packages instead of sessions, more "success story" content, more images of a variety of body types, and more video content, plus the addition of a stronger SEO effort to drive organic traffic to the website. (The site consistently ranks in the top 8 on Google for "personal trainers in Kansas City.)

Ebook for National Seminars Training
What Does Your Boss Really Want from You

Created a survey for NST asking seminar participants in leadership programs (2000 total) what they wanted from their employees. I then analyzed the results and created this ebook.

National Seminars Training [Now Skillpath]
Digital Marketing Conference (2019)

Developed marketing strategy and content for digital marketing conference (brochure, website copy, email copy, social copy)

Forbes Advisor
HubSpot vs Pardot (2023 Comparison)

Managing your business contacts while staying on top of hot leads is crucial to your company's success. Marketing tools, such as HubSpot and Pardot (now called MCAE), can help you create meaningful, well-timed connections with prospective customers and close more deals. But which solution is right f

Forbes Advisor
Best SEO Software (April 2023)

The primary goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to help your website rank higher in search engines, such as Google. This enables you to drive more traffic to your website. To be effective at SEO, however, you'll need some tools at your disposal. Here is the best SEO software available today.

Believe and Create
9 Ways to Control Anxiety at Work * Believe and Create

You've found yourself growing more and more anxious at work. You're worried, stressed, frustrated, exhausted, and maybe even a little scared. Your anxiety level is off the charts and you desperately need to find a way to control anxiety at ... Read more9 Ways to Control Anxiety at Work

Fit Small Business
How to Create and Launch a Digital Magazine in 7 Steps

With today's digital magazine development software and digital design tools, you can start a new online magazine in a matter of weeks. Even better, depending on your skills and experience, you could launch a digital magazine for less than $200. This guide teaches you how to create a digital magazine and launch it with ease.

Forbes Advisor
7 Cheap VPS Hosting Services In 2023

A virtual private server (VPS) offers certain advantages that other hosting options simply don't deliver. With VPS hosting, you have greater control over your site's performance than with cheaper shared hosting options, but you don't pay the higher price that a dedicated hosting service would charge

Microsoft Teams vs. Zoom

Microsoft Teams and Zoom are two of the most popular video conferencing solutions available today. These top providers offer robust, reliable remote meeting solutions for team collaboration and communication.

Communicating with Confidence Workshop
Brochure - Online and Print

Wrote all the marketing pieces for this workshop: email, social media, online brochure, online description, print brochure.

National Seminars Training (Now Skillpath)
Managing Human Resources | Virtual Seminar

As difficult as your day-to-day "hot issues" seem-hysterical employees, late paperwork, cost cutting, etc.-they pale in comparison to your larger responsibilities as a human resources professional. You're the key talent management strategist for the organization. You are responsible for keeping up with employment laws and pertinent compliance mandates.

National Seminars Training (Now Skillpath)
OSHA Workplace Safety: 30-hour General Industry Training | Seminar

The financial benefits of taking this five-day OSHA certification course can be staggering. Your work site will be safer and healthier, man-hours lost to injury and downtime will plummet and productivity will increase. Your insurance rates will reflect your commitment to safety, and you'll be able to sleep better at night knowing that you're doing everything you can to protect your company from costly penalties for noncompliance.

National Seminars Training (Now Skillpath)
Managing Multiple Projects, Objectives and Deadlines | Virtual Seminar

Virtual Seminar How to reap the benefits of better planning How to get organized and stay that way Why deadlines get missed - and how to make sure they won't be How to make sure your real priorities don't get lost in the shuffle Ways to tactfully manage people who interrupt you...and more!