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If I had to describe myself in a semi-professional manner, I would say that I'm a recent humanities graduate, writer by day and musician by night. While I always had a passion for writing and literature, my degree in anthropology was key to expanding my curiosity about different lives, people and cultures. It's also of utmost importance to mention that I'm currently in an intimate relationship with music, travelling, touring, midnight drives, long philosophical talks and good comfort food.

Current and Past Clients include:
Loud Women
Get in her Ears
Havana Club
Valletta 2018 Foundation
...including others

Madrid: LOUD WOMEN scene report

Janelle Borg (of Maltese punk band Cryptic Street) reports on the women at the forefront of the Madrid's thriving music scene, exclusively for LOUD WOMEN From the first time I landed in Madrid, its music and its people captivated me so much that the city left a permanent imprint on me, and a constant yearning to hop on a plane and go there again.

Janelle Borg
The Naked Truth behind Talent Competitions

Currently listening to - nothing After viewing all the hatred and bias directed towards the winner of a certain singing talent competition in my native Malta, I couldn't help but wonder, are we truly encouraging youngsters today to flourish creatively, or are these so-called 'talent competitions' doing more harm than good?

Janelle Borg
Why unemployment doesn't completely suck

Currently listening to: The Parrots - Soy Peor So I started 2019 unemployed. Many people would absolutely baulk at this idea - associating it with a tonne of things: laziness, the problem with Gen Z, etc. Others would use this fact to smirk and prove themselves right when saying that a degree in the humanities...

Janelle Borg
To swipe or not to swipe? That is the question.

Currently listening to: La Femme - Runaway The modern phenomenon of dating apps has stopped being a phenomenon at this point and is now so ingrained in normality that it's like expecting that everyone has a social media profile or an email address. Yet, how are dating apps affecting our daily lives and psyche, and...

Valletta 2018
Valletta 2018's Magna ┼╗mien lands in Gozo

Magna ┼╗mien presents KAPSULA MERILL, the Magnificent Memories Machine - Landing #2 - a night dedicated to the collection of local memories and a tribute to Gozo, as part of Valletta 2018's Cultural Programme. The event is taking place on the 15th of September (20:00h) , at Cathedral Square, Cittadella, Gozo.

Valletta 2018
Utopian Nights: The Commons

Utopian Nights invites the public to engage with specific contemporary issues to promote a more inclusive society. With artists and local as well as international thinkers, the public will participate in a collective effort to design a utopia, an alternative society for a better future.

Malta: LOUD WOMEN scene report

Janelle Borg (of Maltese punk band Cryptic Street) reports on the women at the forefront of the Maltese music scene, exclusively for LOUD WOMEN I have been raised by the Maltese music scene.

Get In Her Ears
WATCH: POZI - 'Watching You Suffer'

If I could describe 'Watching You Suffer' from London trio Pozi in one word, it would definitely be quirky... With a raw punk energy and attitude, the track resonates a strong sense of emergency and alarm, coupled with a dystopian DIY music video that surely helps the case.

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