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Jane Lawson

Content writer and editor

Location icon United States

I love talking with people who entrust me with their story. It's an honor to craft it into a tribute to the challenge they've overcome, or the meaning they've added to other people's lives.

A rural elementary schoolteacher who defied death after a brain aneurysm ruptured, then accidentally ran a half-marathon.

A physical therapist for children with cancer who pulled off a final fishing trip for one of his patients, inside the hospital.

Some stories, like some people, tend to be more subtle. But each has a reason to be told. I want to share as many as I can.

I enjoy freelance writing for a website that spotlights business news in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, area. I spent more than a year and a half writing stories about patients, leaders, physicians and other employees of Sanford Health, a sizable rural health care system, for the organization's news website. And before that, I had an extensive background in editing, for print and digital, at South Dakota's largest daily newspaper, the Argus Leader.

Now I'm eager to find a new adventure in storytelling.

Sanford Health News
Population health: Promoting health to avoid illness

The movement takes meaningful, strategic steps to help patients and the health care system shift from taking care of people once they’re sick to helping them practice healthy lifestyles today.

Sanford Health News
Maternal mortality: Working to keep moms safe

For women currently pregnant in the United States, the risk of dying from a cause related to their pregnancy has more than doubled since some of them were born. But Sanford Health doctors have been working on regional projects and hospital practices to help reduce that risk.

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