Jamie Wolff

Writer, Editor, Content Strategist

United States

I'm a seasoned writer/copywriter/editor, content strategist, and wellness/behavior change expert with over 10 years of experience researching and creating innovative, accessible, and impactful digital health content. My experience includes content development and copywriting, integrative health coaching and mental health counseling, mentoring and management, and marketing and branding.

I'm a Graduate of Vassar College with an M.A. in Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University.

National Stuttering Association
Bridging the Gap: A Series Wrap-Up - National Stuttering Association

Stuttering can be a core part of personal identity, and it can impact all areas of life. Every PWS has a unique relationship with their stutter that continually evolves. As I like to say, sometimes my stutter is kind of stubborn, and sometimes it needs some love.

PROnatal Fitness
5 Ways to Make the Most of YOU-time - PROnatal Fitness

As moms and moms-to be, your time is precious, and the idea of taking time for yourself and putting yourself first may feel selfish. However, that "you time" is of the utmost importance, not only because it allows you to provide better care to others, but because it allows you to connect with yourself and what makes you feel good.

Jamie E. Wolff | NYC Blog | j.e.wolff
Jamie E. Wolff | NYC Blog | j.e.wolff

Counselor turned health coach sharing stories and tips on wellness, relationships, and coping with life's challenges.

PROnatal Fitness
6 Moves: 1 Total Body Prenatal Workout - PROnatal Fitness

Exercising while pregnant can vary from day to day. You might feel energetic one day and lethargic the next. Your body is continually changing, and you might sometimes feel like you have journeyed down the rabbit hole-where down is up and up is down and everything is slightly "off".

IIN Advanced Courses
Emotional Eating Psychology - IIN Advanced Courses

EMOTIONAL EATING PSYCHOLOGY Rethink Your Approach to Eating Empower clients to build more mindful relationships with their bodies and food by exploring the root causes of emotional eating and addressing unhelpful patterns that keep them feeling stuck. ENROLL NOW EMOTIONAL EATING PSYCHOLOGY Rethink Your Approach to Eating Empower clients to build more mindful relationships with...

National Stuttering Association
The Stuttering Extrovert - National Stuttering Association

I love people. I'm a people collector. Celebrations? Bring 'em on. New friends? Yes please. Have a problem? Let's talk about it. In fact, let's talk about anything. I might talk your ear off, so fair warning. I'm also an open book. So I might share a little too much.

PROnatal Fitness
A "N.E.A.T" Way to Up Your Activity - PROnatal Fitness

It goes without saying that regular physical activity is a critical component of having a healthy pregnancy and a faster postpartum recovery. However, that does not necessarily mean you have to hit the gym every single day (which can be an overwhelming idea when you're nauseous or dealing with a newborn).

Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Finding Your Rhythm

A handout that health coaches can use with clients to increase awareness about eating habits