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Brandon Valley Journal
Forty years from the heart

Had Merv Kramer accepted the offer to play pro baseball for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1959, Brandon would be a distinctly different community today - as would the lives of all the community members he has touched. In his last sermon Sept.


The Tea-Harrisburg Champion
From Hollywood to Harrisburg

He’s dined with Patrick Swayze, played laser tag with Wesley Snipes, and sold cosmetics with Alyssa Milano. Gene Hackman once asked him for his hat.

The Daily Republic
Police Co-Ops: A Rising Trend

Theresa Mickelson wasn’t expecting to be pulled over for running a stop sign at 4 a.m. She doesn’t dispute that she did it, but Mickelson hadn’t anticipated a police officer being around to see it, especially in Salem, an eastern South Dakota town with a population 1,371. Though Salem has no police department, residents still are under the radar of the McCook County Sheriff’s Department since the county’s five towns decided to pool law enforcement resources in 2006.

Tea Weekly
Trash Talk

Every time I get out of my car or exit a building, I can’t help but scan the ground for litter. I’ve been doing it for five days straight, like a knee-jerk reaction I can’t help. Oh, there’s a gum wrapper, or there’s a cigarette butt, and I automatically reach for it and find the nearest trash can. My daughter and I did the Big Sioux Greenway Clean-up last Saturday, and trying to teach civic-mindedness to my 6-year-old is like throwing a wet fish at a wall and hoping it sticks.

The New Era
Crow Crazy

Forty-eight men rose at dawn, donned camouflage, and drove hundreds of miles to capture the most crow carcasses and the 88th annual Turner County Crow Hunt title.

The Daily Republic
110 Candles and Counting

It's her party, and she can take a catnap if she wants to. That’s just what Beryl Kaupan did during the celebration of her 110th birthday Thursday at the Golden Living Center in Salem. South Dakota’s oldest resident peacefully napped while 40 family members and friends from five states shared cake, ice cream and stories. Kaupan was born June 4, 1899 – the same year as Alfred Hitchcock, Ernest Hemingway, Fred Astaire, Humphrey Bogart, AI Capone and Duke Ellington. That also was the year...

For the Love of Lexi

Five pounds is a lot for a dog to put on in one week – the kind of gain that would put a lid on the puppy chow in most homes.