Jamie Hudalla

Bethel University undergrad

United States of America

Wordsmith + designer
A fan of puns, PB + J burgers and mafia documentaries.

The Clarion
Naked and unafraid

By Jamie Hudalla | Columnist I had my first kiss in Family Fresh next to the bathrooms. For those of you who didn't grow up in Nowhere, Wisconsin, it's a grocery store. My first date was in a McDonald's, where Momma Hudalla dropped me off and my sister firmly shook my date's trembling hand.

The Clarion
I am woman, hear me cheer

After homecoming week, I was inspired to tackle the topic of labels and how they enforce gender roles. By Jamie Hudalla | Columnist It's story time, boys and girls. You're about to hear a feminist ...

The Clarion
God knows how to headbang

God shows up in more places than church pews. By Jamie Hudalla Jonathan from Stranger Things stood maybe three inches taller than me. When he isn't slaying Demogorgons, he drums at a hole-in-the-w...

The Clarion
Loss of sight, gained vision

By Jamie Hudalla and Bri Shaw Hannah Harriman grips the handles of a red Polaris ATV on her 16th birthday in the Wisconsin woods. I'm going to hit a tree , she thinks. Why don't they have Sarah drive? Even a 9-year-old would be safer behind the wheel.

The Clarion
Beyond the bubble: There are no bogeymen

Joe Cruz teetered on the red steel beam, 6 inches wide and 2.5 stories off the ground. He took another step, balancing the bricks and mud boards in his arms. Suddenly, the scaffolding shuddered and the sky blurred into the building. His mind spun 90 miles an hour and his body dropped faster.

Love Series: The struggles of a chronic third-wheeler

Like actors in Febreze commercials have gone noseblind, I've gone affection-blind over the years as a person typically sandwiched between couples. Then Bethel happened, and suddenly I was aware of my singleness. Unfortunately, "ring by spring" culture and commitment issues couldn't coexist. One had to go.

Bruce is back

English professor Mark Bruce returns to campus after taking a semester to recover from quadruple bypass surgery. By Jamie Hudalla | News Reporter Mark Bruce took a deep breath as he hauled a storage box in his basement. A strange feeling settled over him, followed by dizziness.

Building love

Students in the BUILD program offer insight into their romantic relationships and how they might change after graduation. By Jamie Hudalla | News Reporter Sam Kohs can't wait until summer. He shuffles into the workroom at Medtronic and sits down beside a pretty brunette. Her name is Kerri, and he likes her smile.

The Clarion
Gelato, swans and druids

Bethel Junior learns how to truly experience her study abroad trip through the UK.

Walls that tell stories

The budding mural scene in Minneapolis is developing its own style. Local muralists work with the community to create something more than trendy. They aim to create something transformative. By Jamie Hudalla and Callie Schmidt | News Reporters Muralist Greta McLain drives through Uptown Minneapolis in a boom lift, careful not to let it clip...