Jamie Ducharme

Health Reporter

United States of America

I'm a health reporter at TIME, contributing to the website and the magazine. Prior to that, I was the health editor at Boston Magazine. I love weird science, wild health trends and bringing common sense to the world of wellness.

Boston Magazine
We Tried It: Flotation Therapy

The latest trend in relaxation involves lukewarm water, confined spaces, and complete darkness. What could possibly go wrong? As I stood, clad only in silicone earplugs, one thought coursed through my brain: Why am I willingly climbing into a waterlogged coffin? I swallowed my anxiety and tugged at the door.

Boston Magazine
We Got Our Hands on Polar's Crazy New Flavors

Spoiler: Yeti Mischief tastes a lot like Hawaiian Punch. UPDATED, September 20, 2017: Still itching to taste these whimsical flavors? Polar announced via social media that, for the first time, the Impossibly Good collection is available for purchase online. Bulk grocery service Boxed is selling mega-packs-a six-pack of each flavor-for $11.99, and you can order yours here.