James Robert Tee

Content Marketing & PR Manager

Location icon United Kingdom

I consider myself a creative and versatile marketing professional with over five years’ experience in both B2C and B2B roles.

With a proven track record in copywriting, PR, email, social media and events, in addition to my bachelor's degree in Media & Communications, I specialise in helping businesses reach new audiences, generate leads and maximise brand exposure on digital and print media platforms.

Below you'll find examples of my previous work, either content written by myself or PR coverage secured across various media titles.

Massive Mobility Trends And How They Impact The Enterprise - mobilegroove

Topic: Mobile Enterprise | Author: Paul Jarrett | Date: February 23, 2017 Enterprise mobility broke boundaries and set records in 2016 - and this continues in 2017. With employees now leading the smartphone revolution, businesses are subsequently finding ways of leveraging the latest mobile (and other) technology to improve processes, reduce costs and connect staff.

Marketing Tech News
Why consumer apps are evolving, not dying - and what brands should do about it

By Paul Jarrett, MD, Sonin Since the launch of the App Store back in 2008, apps have evolved from simple novelties to intelligent tools that brands use to reach and engage their customers. Yet, despite 71% of marketers now considering mobile as critical to hitting their targets, rumours continue to circulate claiming that we're on the brink of a 'post-app era', or an 'app-ocalypse'.

the HRDirector
Staff Training and the Mobile Workforce

There's no doubt that mobile is playing a significant role amongst businesses, as more organisations continue to offer new technology to their employees. Today, it's how staff collaborate, communicate and learn, and with more organisations than ever catering to their mobile-orientated workforce, workplace mobility is now viewed as an essential.

Enterprise Apps Tech News
How and why organisations are moving away from the traditional office

By James Tee, Sonin To fully gauge how organisations are moving away from the 'traditional' office, firstly requires us to understand how today's employees are also drifting from their traditional role in the workplace. Enterprise mobility, cloud-based solutions and BYOD policies in the workplace means that employees are no longer confined to their desks, 9-5 working hours and dated technology to do their jobs.

Warehouse & Logistics News
Improving the delivery process with enterprise apps

The UK logistics sector is huge, worth approximately £55bn to the UK economy, so it's vital that firms understand the impact that the latest technology can have on a business. Across the globe firms are adopting smart devices and mobile software to achieve business targets, and are seeing a huge impact.

Mobile Marketing
Wired for Success

Paul Jarrett, managing director at Big Orange Software, explains why wireframing your app is crucial The amount of time your app is in its development stage can depend on a number of factors. Typically we find that it's the review phase which tends to extend your project's build time, as this is where the majority ...

Building Design & Construction Magazine
IOT & Connected Technology: Reacting to Future Buyer Demands

James Tee from mobile app agency Big Orange Software explains how connected technology is currently making an impact in households and why construction firms need to plan ahead for the future. The influx of Internet of things (IOT)/connected devices, apps and software is evidently making its mark on the construction industry.

Real Business
Establishing Your App's USP

As an entrepreneur you need a mobile app that is better designed, better built and better delivered than every other app available. From the first mobile app in 2008 to the millions available today, what we browse in app stores and download to our devices are results of years of development by other app entrepreneurs, who continue to define and refine their unique selling propositions (USPs).

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