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Soon to be Film & Television Graduate. Trying to straddle the lines between media, ideology, spirituality, mindfulness & politics. Anarchist, Buddhist, Feminist & Philosopher (of sorts).


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My name is James. I'm a Film & Television Graduate. I specialise in the connections between media, ideology & politics. I have 8 years of Film theory experience, through A-Levels, BTEC & now Degree level. I also have experience of practical film-making, civic journalism & script-writing, with a series of short films, well received academic work and online articles under my belt.


The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership is a 'Free Trade' agreement being drawn up between the European Union (EU) and the United States of America.

James Donnelly | University of Lincoln - Academia.edu

A selection of my academic work posted onto the academia.edu site. Topics covered include : The Utopia/Dystopia dichotomy, using the case studies of Star Trek: Next Generation & Blade Runner to investigate the Cultural & Political messages created by the texts. The threats BBC, and Public Service Providers in general, face in the modern world. Exploring the concept of Cinematic Realism. Narrative Spaces within Film & Video Games, and how they interact and interpret each...

Enlightenmentl Personal blog

Meditation on Robin Williams.

The suicide of Robin Williams rings very close to home for me. A man who appeared so joyous in life becoming so lost and alone it leads to his death. Philosophically, I believe he's back in the universe that granted him life. But on a more personal level it leaves me with a bitter taste...

Enlightenmental: Part One.

In a previous post on Robin Williams, I'd mentioned my early teenage depression and suicide attempt. These were elements of my psyche that I'd long tried to submerge underneath various identities or guises. Faced with the self-inflicted prospect of my own death at such a young age presented my brain with a form of cognitive...

Enlightenmental: Part Two

I knew of meditation. I'd heard of it for as long as I could remember. But, to me, it was something Richard Gere did to make himself feel better after a long day being a movie star. It was something devout monks did in the furthest reaches of the mystical east.

Capitalism as religion.

Mankind has no reason for a god. Men read what you needed to be a god. Omnipotence, omnipresence, sanctity, an undying nature and an infrastructure of rules. Then they reproduced those facets, not in their own image, but in themselves. Capitalism has failed mankind, time and time again. Yet it survives.

My Privilege

I was worrying earlier about my ability to stand up for anyone, due to my relative privilege. I'm white, male, employed, live in the UK and belong to a middle-class family. Yet, instead of enjoying these privileges, I'm angered that they aren't universal. I'm appalled at how effectively humanity has been shaped by the self-serving...

Perception, Madness & the Promised Land of the Web.

I agree with Nietzche's proposal that God is dead. We are Gods, we shape our reality with each decision. A million possibilities open up, and we shape the world around us with our every move. If we are God's, then we too are dead. We're born dying, decaying from birth, cells replicating those that have...

Feminism in Synthesis - A reply | Angry Jim on WordPress.com

Anger is a political act. Women getting irate about their chronic & continuing poor standing in all aspects of their lives is an extremely political act. But, action based on anger isn't good enough, that's how you get the London Riots or Ukraine. Instead deliberation, synthesis of ideas and collaboration are needed to push feminism...

Proledancer Blog


The effective censorship of 'extreme' pornography is typical, politically charged, moral crusading. It is, however, treating a symptom and not a cause.

Happy Easter.

As I walked through the groups of people, the swathes and masses of Easter consumers in town, I began to study them. I looked at their faces, at their eyes, and more specifically how they look at those around them. I see a group of people that I thought I knew, but have realised I don't know them...at all.

English Nationalism and its manipulative ways

By nationalism, I don't just mean outright xenophobia, I don't mean imperial/colonial nostalgia, I mean anything to do with the division of peoples according to land and the pride involved with that division.

Angry Jim
Working Title : The Mediasphere | Angry Jim on WordPress.com

Outline: I'm proposing a series of 10-­15 minute infotainment videos. I felt it was important and especially relevant to try and create a show that looked at the media, politics and the intertwining of the two. Style & Content: As far as content is concerned, I felt variety is indeed the spice of life.



abbrev. is a 25 year old Bedroom Musician. Abbrev tries to replicate the noises heard in it's head head and make songs out of them. Abbrev is a tall creature than can be seen huddled around small glowing screen, nodding its head to hypnotic beats and synthesised waveforms. Abbrev writes and produces it's tracks single-handedly.

Poetry & Prose

All of you.

I'm no better than you,You're no better than me,we succeed at being each other,more than perfectly.I know some things,you know others,I've got two parents,you might just have a mother. I get it, life's hard,it's harder for some,it's easier for others,it's a sliding scale, I'm not dumb.

A Caustic network

Bones become supple under the weight of our gravity,Tendons snap under the pressure of rushing blood,Heads filled with static become clear, siphoned to clarity Our bodies fall apart and collide, re-emerging as something newOur eyes see the same signs, our mouths utter the same wordsWe are one, we are all, we are many, we are nothing.

We are Groot

Wooden lungs, bark for skin How often we forget our branched out kin, Breathing out the breath that we breathe in, Canopies of sacred leaves covering our skin Chlorophyll and synthesis of the burning light, They deserve to be here, just as much a right We shuffle them around, packing them in tight...

Remembering Isaac.

Ember waves flowed through the veranda window. He sat, composed and still. The view had triggered a sense of deja vu. His memory banks were heating, but he couldn't make the attachment. He began to realise he couldn't make a lot of attachments. His surroundings seemed alien, incomprehensible nearly.

The Mirror Dances

Inside the room hung a mirror. Trapped in stasis, opposing two windows. This mirror reflected the outside world, the light, the darkness and the movement. One day this mirror dropped from it's invisible constraints and fell to the floor, smashing into pieces, a millionfold. Some faced towards the black floor, reflecting naught.

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