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Earth Unearthed
Everything You Need to Know About Palm Oil in Food * Earth Unearthed

If we're going to keep this planet safe, it's essential that we understand what things are and aren't hurting it. Unbeknownst to many, palm oil is an ingredient that's having a particularly negative impact on the Earth. The problem is that a lot of people don't even know what products contain this stuff or how they can live without it.

That's The PositiviTEA
Lady Gaga's launched a new book called Channel Kindness

When it comes to spreading love and positivity, Lady Gaga has always been front and centre. Her career was founded on embracing who you are and celebrating diversity, rather than hiding away from it. With that in mind, we're not surprised that the singer has released a book entitled Channel Kindness.

How successful each lead has been in the James Bond movies | RetroEnt

Ever since the early '50s, the world has been in love with the suave and sophisticated secret agent, James Bond. Initially brought to life in Ian Fleming's novels, the character has been impressing audiences on the big screen for over 55 years now. During that time, many different people have pl ...

Where are the women of Desperate Housewives now? | RetroEnt

When 'Desperate Housewives' came to our screens back in 2004, we were immediately hooked. An intriguing cast of characters and a gripping mystery promised that this would be a show we didn't want to miss. Thankfully, that's exactly what it was. Season after season, the show managed to blend stor ...

The Tragic Life and Heartbreak of Priscilla Presley | JourneyRanger

When people think of Priscilla Presley, someone else typically comes to mind - her ex-husband. Having been the only woman to marry the King of Rock and Roll before he passed away, she's understandably one of the closest connections that people still have to Elvis. Throughout their relationship, Priscilla's life revolved around him, and, to...

Secrets About 'Survivor' That Most Fans Don't Know About

It's hard to believe that 'Survivor' has been on our TV screens for two decades now. However, it's true. The first season debuted in 2000, and since then, it's produced 40 seasons of crazy challenges, intense fights, and compelling drama.

This Watch Can Measure Your Blood Oxygen Levels On Demand

It's incredible what watches can do nowadays. There was once a time when these things were only good for telling the time. Now, Samsung has a timepiece that can measure your blood oxygen levels. Impressive, huh? For a while now, watches have been able to do more than just say what time it is.

The Best GPS Pet Trackers and Collars For 2020

Ensuring that your pet is safe and healthy is something that should be a top priority for you. Letting one of these things slip could have serious consequences for both you and your animal companion. Fortunately, if you have one of these GPS trackers and collars, you no longer have to sit around stressing over such things.

Calcium Does More Than Just Strengthen Your Bones

From a young age, you were probably told to drink plenty of milk to strengthen your bones. While doing that would definitely benefit your body, it's hardly the only advantage of consuming milk and other products high in calcium. There's actually a lot of good that can come from this mineral.

The Most Incredible Ice Hotels From Around The World | JourneyRanger

Sleeping in a hotel made of ice might not sound like the most pleasant experience. However, if you can get over the initial cold, you might be blown away by just how rewarding it is. There are some astounding ice hotels out there that are sure to give you the stay of your dreams. ICEHOTEL,...