James Coulter

Freelance Journalist

Location icon United States of America

Award-winning journalist with six years of experience freelancing for Winter Haven Sun, Polk County News and Democrat, The Ledger, News Chief, 863 Magazine, and Focus Magazine.

Winter Haven Sun
Citizens march for science, truth

Hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Lakeland Saturday to support science and the environment and to oppose the presidential administration's "alternative facts."

The Ledger
Mothers Against Drunk Driving Soldiers On

What Janna Covart and her friends had been doing in Orlando on Oct 13, 2001 no one knows for certain. What was certain is that Janna would not return home that evening.

FOCUS Magazine
Lakeland Food Truck Rally Draws In Crowds

These food trucks offer a diverse cornucopia, from hamburgers and hot dogs, to unique selections such as bubble tea, rice balls, and chocolate-covered bacon.

FOCUS Magazine
Tom Edwards Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

The story of Tom Edwards is one of American entrepreneurship, a rags-to-riches story of a man who started life in a cotton mill before realizing his calling in car sales.

Paddleboarding in Polk County

Paddleboarding has recently been trending in popularity, especially in Central Florida with its numerous lakes.

True Blue Winery in Davenport

True Blue Winery in Davenport is the first ever winery in Polk County, specializing in signature blueberry and blackberry wines.

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