James Cassidy McIntyre


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University of South Alabama
"The Demonstration of Love: A Critical and Creative Investigation of the Themes of Suffering and...

This collection is a study of the themes of suffering and separation within Christianity. Most of the study pulls from the holy text of Christianity, the Bible. The collection seeks to define both themes, discuss their origins, and create taxonomies of the themes. In the section on separation, reasons and causes for types of separation are given. In the section on suffering, reasons for various types of suffering are given. Next, redemption in and from suffering, and ways to fight it, are...

University of South Alabama
Wendy's Company Analysis (2017)

Provides a financial analysis of the company, posits its main issue, the impacts and causes of the issue, and recommendations to solve the issue.

for the North American Mission Board
GenSend Phoenix Encanto Prospectus

My group researched the spiritual climate, needs, and opportunities of the Encanto community in Phoenix, Arizona, and placed their findings in this prospectus. The prospectus also highlights a possible target group, mission, values, and structure for a future church plant in the area.