Jim B


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Hi, I am Jim B, a TBI Survivor & a Freelance Writer. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Writing & taught myself Web Coding. This enabled me to become a Self-Employed Web Content Writer, working from home.

Why Web Development?

With an interest in becoming a professional writer, I earned my BA in Professional Writing, while teaching myself web design. If you ever wondered why a business needs a website, here is your answer: Many people-particularly young people-are tech-savvy and turn to Google when looking for a service.

Craft Your Own Character Arc

Lastly, we might imagine ourselves as the author of our own story. If we want the main character to develop-to become an improved person-we must create obstacles for her. If in contrast, she spends all her nights sitting comfortably on the couch, she will remain the same person.

Create Your First Web Page with HTML5

With an interest in becoming a technical writer, I earned my BA in Professional Writing, while teaching myself computer science. Building our first web page is the most important step in our quest to learn web coding. That's what we will be doing here. Ever wonder what it would be like to create your own website?

Believe to Achieve: 4 Mindsets for Accomplishing Your Goals

After surviving an auto accident (2013), I learned the power of positivity, relearned how to walk, and earned a BA in professional writing. Do you have something you would really like to achieve? The more difficult the challenge, the more significant the satisfaction you'll experience once you accomplish it.

Overcome the Haters

Interested in the self-help genre and psychology, I tend to read up on the topic. What's more, it is actionable information to practice. We have all undoubtedly encountered passive-aggression at one point or another and undoubtedly will again. Thus, it pays off for us to know how to effectively deal with such individuals.

Obstacles as Opportunities

TBI survivor & professional writing major. Surviving an auto accident (2013), I learned the power of positivity, relearning to walk. In Ernest Hemingway's novel A Farewell to Arms, we read, "The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places."

To Deal With TBI

Surviving an auto accident (2013), I learned the power of positivity, relearning to walk & earning my BA in Professional Writing. Have you ever watched the news and heard the term Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)? It is likely, as U.S. soldiers often return home with TBI's, wounded from roadside bombs.

Knowing a Shortcut

Earning my Bachelor's degree in Professional Writing online, I became very familiar with the keyboard shortcuts, making life so much easier. If you are often on your computer and are looking to save time, keyboard shortcuts are the key. And while most keyboard shortcuts merely save us time by eliminating the need for the mouse, some can do much more.

Writing Transistions

Having earned my Bachelor's degree in Professional Writing, I have always been passionate about prose. If you ever wondered if there was a simple way to improve your writing, the answer is yes. In a word: transitions. With transitions, our writing flows, one idea logically following the next.