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When The Gramophone Rings
Jake Green vs... Day Wave - When The Gramophone Rings

Over the course of the last few months, Day Wave has been dropping track after track of beach-pop - not a real genre, but a more than fitting description - perfection. Hailing from Oakland, in California, Jackson Philips' music lives up to a few west-coast expectations, from dreamy riffs to hazy vocals and back again via self-deprecating lyrics and subdued synths.

When The Gramophone Rings
Jake Green Vs. Flyte - When The Gramophone Rings

ack in November, alternative-poppers Flyte released the soaring 'Light Me Up'; the anthemic chorus and slow-burning intensity of which was enough to see us name it 2014's second best track. Now, in the peak of 2015's summer, we've fallen just as deeply in love with the band's follow-up 'Closer Together.'

When The Gramophone Rings
Jake Green Vs. Eliza and the Bear - When The Gramophone Rings

It seems like forever since we first tweaked the angles of our heads so that we could easily keep one eye on Eliza & The Bear. Not because we've grown tired of them (we haven't), or because it actually has been forever (it hasn't), but because the wait for news of a debut album is something fans started hoping for long ago.

When The Gramophone Rings
The Albums of 2014 // Taylor Swift - 1989 - When The Gramophone Rings

There was a time in my life, a few years ago, when I would have shunned any musical suggestion that would fall under the banner of pop. I was young, naive and as much as I would have hated to admit it at the time, I had absolutely no clue what I was talking about - not a smidgen.

When The Gramophone Rings
Track of the Day: Ofelia K // As A Bell - When The Gramophone Rings

Ofelia K's vocals are delivered just as softly, comforting, beautifully as before but it is the song's subtleties and dynamic, captivating progression that will reel you in and hold you there until it's over; and it will hold you close to its heart, from where you'll be treated to a personal story that shifts mood until that story sounds something more like a journey.

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