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The Montreal Gazette

'I feel...' Hardly Justifies Bill 60

It has become obvious that a great deal of support for Bill 60 is also energized by fear, intolerance and a false belief that there is such a thing as a right not to feel...

The Montreal Gazette

Montreal square commemorates nun who devoted her life to the homeless

As the Quartier des spectacles attracts vibrant crowds during the summer festival season, this storied city square has become part of the scene without... Jake Bleiberg Special...

The Montreal Gazette

Montreal Mountain Bikers Seek Happier Trails

It’s an annual rite of spring for mountain bikers keen to put rubber on dirt after the long winter: riding the illegal trails in the woods of Mount Royal.


Montclair administrators address concerns with Common Core

"Every student doesn't have to be served pink cupcakes," said the chief academic officer of the Montclair School District, Gail Clarke. The cupcakes are meant explain how the...

The Montreal Gazette

The chill on Prince-Arthur St. E.

MONTREAL - When was the last time you ate out or went to a bar on Prince-Arthur St.? Prince-Arthur St. E., that is, the cobbled stretch between St-Laurent Blvd. and Carré...