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JWT Intelligence
The New Old - JWT Intelligence

Titled New Old, the exhibition rethinks what it means to be "old" today and investigates what aging looks like in the digital age. Simple, everyday hacks (such as electrical plugs and magnetic buttons for arthritis sufferers) are showcased alongside advanced technologies. ElliQ, a robot companion, is one example of the latter.

JWT Intelligence
Lab-grown meat - JWT Intelligence

San Francisco-based Memphis Meats have created the first chicken and duck meat in a laboratory, offering a more ethical and sustainable option for consuming poultry that doesn't involve slaughtering animals. Dubbed 'clean meat', these test-tube samples are biologically identical to 'real' meat and are created using animal cells fed with sugar, minerals and oxygen.

JWT Intelligence
Augmented cocktails - JWT Intelligence

At Jason Atherton's City Social restaurant and bar in London, visitors can soon enjoy an immersive experience with their drink. The Michelin-starred restaurant will welcome bar-goers with a new cocktail menu, Mirage, which launches in June. An accompanying smartphone app created by Mustard Design brings each beverage to life using AR.

JWT Intelligence
AI gastronomy - JWT Intelligence

MIT uses artificial intelligence to turn images of food into recipes. For consumers that are obsessed with documenting and sharing images of their food, MIT is developing a very useful website.

JWT Intelligence
Mood food - JWT Intelligence

Companies are exploring innovative ways to package food as a "mood enhancer" for the wellness era. This August, Monarch Airlines introduced a mood-enhancing food menu to create a calmer in-flight experience for passengers. The "Mood Food" box features echinacea and liquorice ice-cream to boost immunity, green tea and lavender cakes for relaxation and herbal tea to reduce bloating.

JWT Intelligence
London Design Festival - JWT Intelligence

Brands and designers were on hand to showcase cutting-edge design thinking. From September 16 th to 24 th, London Design Festival takes over the city to display the work of thousands of international designers and artists. Featured exhibitions tackled heavy topics such as city life and sustainability, showcasing London as an innovative, future-thinking city with design at its core.

JWT Intelligence
New Scientist Live 2017 - JWT Intelligence

From September 28th to October 1st, the ExCel convention center in London hosted this year's New Scientist Live festival. The four-day event featured exhibitors and high-profile speakers discussing everything from colonizing space to tackling mental health. With mental health awareness at an all-time high, many speakers considered the role science can play in both treating ...

JWT Intelligence
Retail residences - JWT Intelligence

Japanese retailer Muji has announced a venture into the hotel industry in China and Japan. Muji, known for its stationery and homeware products, has announced the launch of two hotels in Shenzhen and Beijing. It also expects to launch a hotel in Tokyo in 2019.

JWT Intelligence
Redefining air travel - JWT Intelligence

Google Flights now informs users about flight delays before they get confirmation from airlines, proving that the tech giant is one step ahead of travel companies. Using historical data and machine-learning algorithms, Google is able to predict when delays will occur, and informs flyers once there is 80% certainty a flight won't be on time.